Journal # 2: My Assets Map

Posted January 7, 2016 from Romania
Roads to Dreams

I wish to contribute to creating a society where women are empowered and have the opportunity to live peaceful, secure lives. To me, the opposite of peace is lack of security and that is what many women face nowadays. I wish to design trainings for women to regain their power and create and for men to understand better the inequalities women face and see how they could support women to become their best version of themselves.

I am a digital strategist, mindfulness & meditation trainer and a life coach. Authenticity, integrity and responsibility are the three aspects I am most passionate about and I wish to use my skills and aptitudes to raise awareness about the narratives the media perpetuate about women and societal roles.

Media and digital literacy are invincible weapons in the hands of people who are keen to create a peaceful society. Peace journalism and citizen journalism are subjects that I would like to spread knowledge about inside my community. Not to mention that after having studied journalism and PR& advertising myself, I have the capacity to develop creative writing workshops for women to develop skills that will support them not only to raise awareness about certain pressing issues, but also as means for self-development and self-knowledge.

Being around people I care about and admire, sharing our dreams and projects is my source of inspiration. Also, taking part in circles where women feel comfortable, appreciated and welcome to share their views is a sources of great inspiration. Nature has been one of my wisest and dearest teachers. I believe that mindfully observing nature always recharges us with hope and insights when we allow ourselves to receive its lessons. Just as parents do.

For me, the person who most inspires me is my mother. Her love, care, affection, strength, kindness, the ability to admit she was wrong, her curiosity and thirst for knowledge have been my compass in life. She is my confidant and my best friend who has always the best advice and is ready to offer me a perspective I have yet to discover. Due to her, I developed the utter respect for people who have the humility and are willing to accept that there will always be more out there to do, to improve, more people to help and support. She lives to be in the service of people and has always taught me about selflessness and being kind through the power of her example.

Communication wise, my skills will help me spread the news about the project I created combining fashion design, coaching, women empowerment and healthcare. My willingness to make this project a reality and to start really living my dreams and my gifts to the fullest helps me unlock a potential I was not aware of. And this in itself is an inspiration both for me and the women I want to assist in seeing themselves as the intelligent, strong, determined, beautiful, grounded, elegant women they already are.

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Jan 11, 2016
Jan 11, 2016

Dear Ancaiorgulescu, Thank you for your journal. I like this journal. My mother is one of my best friends, too. I'm interested in your skills in your commnication wise. Especially, I'm very interested in fashion, so you're wonderful because one of your skills is fashion design. I hope you do your best from now on.

Thank you.

Jan 11, 2016
Jan 11, 2016

Thank you, dear Hikarlie! Hopefully we'll someday meet and work together in bringing peace. Have a lovely time of the year!