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About Me

I'm passionate about women/youth education and empowerment. I believe that learning and sharing should never stop. An inclusive world, filled with empathy is all I crave and this can only be possible with the synergy of connections. If this resonates with you, please let's connect on

My Vision

"But we can all rise together, we can all win. We have to be a team of women and girls who love each other ..."
-Michelle Obama


Collaboration; Exchange of knowledge and resources.


Please refer to the 'About Me' section. I can support with my availability and everything that comes with that. Just ask, please! :)


Economic PowerEducation EqualityEmpowering GirlsEngaging Men and Boys in Gender EqualityGender-based ViolenceHuman Rights for WomenPeace and SecurityWomen and the EnvironmentWomen in LeadershipWomen in TechnologyWomen's Health



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