Sweet Nostalgia

Posted October 3, 2020

Anne Frank's "no one has ever become poor by giving", was one of the quotes we used during a #charity campaign I had the priviledge of pioneering with a friend as part of a #research-based #Communication course and cause at #Vilnius University, Lithuania to support the needy tagged Dash, Don't Trash.

Giving is a choice we make daily. #Women naturally give a lot, but because more often, these gifts are in kind, we are easily taken for granted. For example, how do you quantify love, time, empathy, or sacrifice? One can go on and on.

Recently, I have been replaying the evergreen "We are the #World" lyrics written by Micheal Jackson and Lionel Richie, and it is so true that we are saving our own lives just by giving.

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Nini Mappo
Oct 04
Oct 04

Hello Sister sister :)
I clicked on your story ready to read about sweet recollections of childhood or something similar:) Ha! I was nicely misled he hee :)
Your message is on point sis, we should not try to monetize everything as a means of giving it value. Sometimes we know the true value and sacrifice of what we have given, so that no mount of $$ can quantify the love and passion that went into something. In the same way, not every success is quantifiable.
Good on you and your colleague for running that recycling drive and achieving so much!
Keep giving my dear, you can only grow richer. We appreciate all the wealth you add to our sisterhood with your caring presence :)

Oct 04
Oct 04

Hi Sis,
Thanks a lot for your warm comments. I appreciate you lots. How's your lovely family?
Love and hugs,
E. J.

Hello, E.J.,

Wow, you have this experience of charity campaign. Makes me wonder if you ever thought of starting your own NGO instead? You are rich with experience already and have a huge heart to help. :)

This resonates with me, "how do you quantify love, time, empathy, or sacrifice? "
It makes me think a lot because if you are replaying the song, "We Are The World", the song that comes to mind these past days are, "I''m broke but I'm happy...yeah" by Alanis Morissette. Oh, dear, our songs give away our ages.haha.

Thank you for this short yet encouraging post, dear. My take away here is I'm not broke after all. Haha.