Mobilizing Change on a Global Scale

Andre Sheldon
Posted September 10, 2016 from United States

Dear World Pulse:

Namaste. The world needs a strategy to mobilize change on a global scale!

I have been a peaceactivist for 14 years and have been diligently working on a specific "strategy" and plan to end war, based on GANDHI and KING's formula - a Movement of Nonviolence. I went topeace conferences and they all said what we're doing now is not working and we needed to think outside of the box. This is exactly what I've tried to do but still ensure that all the elements are connected to all parts of society.

I found that the commonalities between people everywhere are the welfare of the children and nonviolence.Therefore the people of the world could UNITE based onpromotinga Global Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children (GMofNV). How can it be implemented? My research showed that grassroot orgs and peace initiatives are everywhere! To tie them together, we needed leaders. The leaders who were most connected to the children and were socialized to be the least physically violentare WOMEN!

My main goal has been to UNITE non-governmental, women leaders from around the worldthat could "Reach into Every Household" and enlist the people ordinarily not involved --the peopleother than the choir - WOMEN! They would ask women to be the first to unite, as the PEACEMAKERS, in every village, town, and city in every country with the objective of attaining POLITICAL CLOUT to influence their own governments to STOP WAR. It is not just for women, it is for everyone, as the Civil Rights movement was for everyone, not just for black people.

A GMofNV is one step away from being implemented - but it is the hardest step - getting the leaders.Until Women Unite as the Peacemakers, there will be no peace!


Please see www.gsofnv.organd please see the attached document an Intro and Summary of a GMofNV. Thank you.

Peace and Love, Andre

Andre Sheldon Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence Facilitator, CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign Home number: +1-617- 964-5267 Email: Andre (at) Website: www.GlobalStrategyofNonviolence.orgFacebook: Global Movement of Nonviolence

Jean Shinoda Bolen wrote:

“As women in circles share what they know, speak up, stop violence, support what is best for their children (and all children), this ripples out from homes to communities and beyond to what is best for humanity and the planet. When women see themselves as stakeholders in decisions that affect them, voice and trust their perceptions, change happens, contributes to a new era of equality, humanitarianism, technology and individuation—the anticipated Age of Aquarius. “


This story was submitted in response to Is Your Voice in the Room?.

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