Largest Movement of Nonviolence the world has ever seen, LED by WOMEN

Andre Sheldon
Posted July 13, 2017 from United States
CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign

Largest Movement of Nonviolence the world has ever seen, led by women


The environment is in a crisis mode. It is an emergency. The people need peace. It is an emergency. Former Director General of UNESCO, Federico Mayor, agrees. He wrote to me, “The world needs a peace movement now! Yes, right now. Otherwise, it can be too late. We are facing challenges that are potentially irreversible and therefore humanity can reach points of no return. I fully support your initiative. Tell me please how I can effectively assist you.”

An unbelievable opportunity is here for women to take the world stage as the PEACEMAKERS. This is a proposal for the “largest movement of nonviolence” the world has ever seen – and it will be led by women, promoted by women, but it is for everyone! The proof that it is possible is seen in the Women’s March on Washington that went global within two months of being announced and was touted as being nonviolent! The Women’s March proved women want to make a difference.

When women become the peacemakers, it will affect all social, economic, and political issues and especially affect all women’s issues! It will help bring gender equality. It will help stop violence against women. The world needs it now because the world is becoming more and more divided and violent. What better way than to promote nonviolence, but it has to be BIG !!!

We need all the individual actions, but it also must be everywhere at the same time. A PLAN IS READY! Please see and contact facilitator (at) to volunteer.

This is the moment women have been waiting for! A peace movement as large as the environment movement is needed or the environment movement will fail. This proposal is for a new global peace movement. WOMEN can make it happen!

The time is here for women to take matters into their own hands to determine the direction the world must go and promote a new narrative of committing to nonviolence and committing to working together for humanity - helping others.

A Plan is ready for women to rise-up and unite to lead a new global peace movement, a GLOBAL MOVEMENT OF NONVIOLENCE, FOR THE CHILDREN (GMofNV)


It is time for women leaders to issue a CALL to WOMEN to "Reach into Every Household" as an illustration for the children that we, the adults of the world, are committed to nonviolence and committed to resolving conflicts nonviolently.

Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President of the Children’s Defense Fund, wrote, “If the values and priorities of the United States and of our world are to change – and they must be changed – women, especially mothers and grandmothers, will have to demand it. Rich women and poor women and those in between. Powerful women and empowered powerless women. Corporate women and political and philanthropic women. Community women and women of faith. Girls, young women, and old women. All together determined to build a new world fit for children and everyone.”

The motivation is the children. Edelman wrote, “What kind of people do we want to be? What kind of people do we want our children to be? What kind of moral examples, teachings, choices — personal, community, economic, faith, and political — are we parents, grandparents, community adults, political leaders, and citizens prepared to make in this new century and millennium to make our children strong inside and empower them to seek and help build a more just, compassionate, and less violent society and world?”

The strength comes from “caring.” I believe the next major initiative the Women’s March promotes can change the world. The reason is in a statement that Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science, George Lakoff, made to Tavis Smiley on February 7th. Lakoff said, at the end of the interview (22:30), “Language matters, and actions matter, certain kinds of actions matter. Why was the Women’s March what it was? And why did it have to be women? Because it was about care. The criticism was each of those women had a different view, a different issue, etc? No, they all had one issue: care.”

A GMofNV is designed to unite the people everywhere (not just women), unite all the movements, religions, and mayors and community leaders in every village, town, and city in every country. All the mechanisms are in place and the catalyst to implement the plan is prepared. One last step remains – enlisting the leaders. One of the first things the Women’s March did was to find leaders with experience. A complete strategy is ready to enlist specific leaders around the globe. Renowned environmental columnist, Naomi Klein wrote, “…strengthening the threads tying together our various issues and movements – is, I would argue, the most pressing task of anyone concerned with social and economic justice.”

The sages throughout time lived and died to prove that nonviolence is the answer. The new twist that a GMofNV offers is that nonviolence is the GOAL with one of the main objectives attaining POLITICAL CLOUT! A GMofNV is an action plan designed to capture and “keep” the attention of the media so that PEACE dominates the news.

The world is becoming more and more divided and violent. We need to unite now – via nonviolence! The world needs women to rise up as the peacemakers to stop war and violence as the highest goal, to defuse the threat of war, which will affect all women’s issues and ultimately change military spending to humanitarian spending.

A GMofNV includes funding both the movement and philanthropic efforts, a budget, marketing, implementation, and follow-up guidelines. Major segments include a Global Philanthropic Foundation, new Global Peace Negotiations, a Global Funding Plan, and a plan for Local Application everywhere.

I have networked with women leaders from around the world planting seeds to be prepared when the time comes to begin a “Chain Reaction.” It is time to set a GMofNV in motion.

MILLIONS of women are watching the Women’s March website and Facebook Page waiting for the next major event. The Women’s March has set the stage for women leaders to issue a CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign asking women to be the “first” to commit to nonviolence. A continuous, daily plan of action will commence for two years following the first event that will enable everyone to promote their own cause and at the same time, promote the UMBRELLA MOVEMENT – a GMofNV.

Where is the power? Women will demand that people everywhere, in government, business, the arts, medicine, university, etc. promote nonviolence.

A GMofNV is a plan of promoting good will, love, and respect for all life!

A GMofNV is a plan to reduce the threat of war

A GMofNV is a plan to UNITE everyone, build bridges, transcend borders – find the MIDDLE GROUND

A GMofNV is a plan for disarmament and the elimination of nuclear weapons

A GMofNV is a plan to HELP OTHERS

A GMofNV is an illustration FOR THE CHILDREN of the commitment to nonviolence

A GMofNV is an Emergency Plan

A GMofNV is a plan that confronts our culture

A GMofNV is designed to create social, economic, and political paradigm change

A GMofNV is a plan to change our economic well being

A GMofNV is a STRATEGY for WOMEN to lead the World to PEACE

A GMofNV is a plan for WOMEN’S EQUALITY

A GMofNV is a plan for PEOPLE EVERYWHERE to participate

A GMofNV is designed to begin immediately and one last step remains - the leadership. Please see There are four women targeted as the women that can make it happen. The fifth is Naomi Klein. A comprehensive plan is ready now. If we wait until after an incident occurs, where emotions rule and war breaks out, it will be too late.

The women leaders will call out to the women to be the first to promote nonviolence. It is not just for women, it is for everyone, but when women are first, watch what happens! It will affect all women’s issues and all those that support it. It will not be easy, there will be risks, and it will not solve all the problems, but it will change the world!

Peace and Love,

Rose, Andre, Jan, LIbby, Don, Carol, Deanna, Joan and the team at Global Strategy of Nonviolence

This story was submitted in response to How We Resist.

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Jill Langhus
Jul 14, 2017
Jul 14, 2017

Hi Andre. Thanks for sharing your movement. I totally agree that women can rise up and make the difference that is needed in the world to make lasting, permanent and positive change globally. Do you have social media pages?

Ngwa Damaris
Jul 14, 2017
Jul 14, 2017

That's wonderful.I love anything that has to do with advocating peace

Andre Sheldon
Jul 18, 2017
Jul 18, 2017

Hello and Namaste.  Thank you for your message.  Please see the Facebook Page and the Website Page   and on Facebook - Global Movement of Nonviolence. 

If you would like to help, contact me at Andre (at)

Peace and Love, Andre

News Bee
Aug 14, 2017
Aug 14, 2017

Andre Sheldon,it is commendable considering the fact that it is a man that shares this perspective and zeal, well done Andre.

Andre Sheldon
Aug 14, 2017
Aug 14, 2017

Namaste News Bee.  The people are around the world are appalled at the violence in Charlottesville and at the war rhetoric between the U.S. and Korea.  A delegation of leaders went to South Korea to call for a de-escalation of inflammatory threats.  Two women, Medea Benjamin and Jill Stein were there. The delegation did not have a people movement behind them - no clout! 

The plan I wrote about, a Global Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children, led by WOMEN, is designed to provide the CLOUT needed to make a difference.  All that is needed is leadership.  Will you help enlist the women leaders?  Please contact me at 617-964-5267. 

Thank you.

Peace and Love,


Nov 10, 2017
Nov 10, 2017

News Bee

This is profound and elaborate....Great work..It is very true there must be a changed women...The movement is very insightful.