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About Me

I am the co-founding director of a small nonprofit, FAIR Fund, working to empower teen girls to lead lives free of sexual violence and exploitation. Our programs aim to reduce human trafficking and sexual assault in the lives of girls around the world. We utilize rights-based curriculum, art therapy, and community trainings to both assist teens now and prepare their communities to protect future teens from exploitation and violence. Our premier program, JewelGirls, brings together young women aged 12 to 26 to empower them to create and market their own jewelry as a form of economic empowerment. girl's education, economic empowerment for girls, anti-trafficking, and jewelry design finding balance in my life as an advocate for young women and finding a way to also focus on the bigger picture of anti trafficking and empowerment for young women. anti-trafficking, economic empowerment for girls, curriculum for street-involved or orphaned girls

My Vision

a world where girls can safely transition to adulthood as empowered young women