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About Me

Passionate about the written word and its power. Keen advocate for women and championing gender equality. Fan of women who dream and then do. Writer of online content and social media content. Fan of philanthropy and good deeds. Loves those who are empowered and, in turn, empower others to lead independent lives - regardless of gender and societal-imposed limits. Hopeful, optimist, kind. Loves collecting vintage vinyl records, shoes, fashion and advocate of glass half-full attitudes.

My Vision

That gender and sexual orientation become non-primary tags assigned to individuals. I dream of an age where girls and women within all cultures are afforded the same access to education and career opportunities as male counterparts. I hope that men will see that it takes all of us to stand up for gender equality - not just women. Tolerance, peace, understanding, respecting the difference and seeing diversity as enriching.


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