Angel Lasona
Posted September 29, 2021 from Philippines
" Beautiful Mother Earth"
Despite this heighten time of pandemic, we need to appreciate and give back what our beautiful Mother Earth is giving us. She's freely giving us the air we most need, the clean water to quench our thirsts, the healthy surroundings that give us LIFE. Let's protect her then at all cost. Let's practice the habit of REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

Mother of all precious mankind, Mother of all that toils her bosom, Mother of all the manifold forms of life, 

Yawning infant on her arms or a kit in a brook, Mother of every living creature, a nurse of lyrical joys and sorrows! Pretty as you are, undaunted, like a strong independent mother,

Heart's so pure, for the mewling life that comes from thee

Amidst life's vain atrocities,

Still you are a great beauty to behold.

In your bosom we lie,

sheltered, comforted, and shielded from whatever harm there is!

Oh sweet loving Mother Earth, 

What a sight you are to behold!

Forever giving, forever selfless, always giving us the very best!

---Angel Lasona


This story was submitted in response to Healing through Art.

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Sep 29
Sep 29

What a beautiful poem.. and the Mother Nature is wearing a shield :) Thanks Angel, I admire your talent for being an artist.

Urvashi Shivdasani
Sep 29
Sep 29

Beautiful words and so relevant for the climate crisis we are all seeing now. Its more urgent than ever that we heed Mother Earth.

Cynthia B
Sep 30
Sep 30

Angel, thank you for your words and for the beautiful simplicity of your message. Value, protect, and respect Mother Earth!

Oct 03
Oct 03

Hi again Angel. Art, Nature and poetry...these are my things! I am captivated by everything I see in this post. I am loving it so, so much! You are so gifted. Thank you for speaking through your talents, you are giving back to Mother Nature! Keep on positing dear...

Much love!

Paulina Nayra
Oct 03
Oct 03

Lovely poem Angel. And the beautiful painting is a feast to the eyes. You are multi-talented. How to be you, must be in the minds of your students. You are an inspiration to young people. Keep it that way. Yes, the mother of all humankind needs our care, too. Will you be one of our judges if we hold a poster making contest for the Leyte Sab-a Peatswamp Forest?

Tamarack Verrall
Oct 05
Oct 05

Dear Angel,
What a beautiful tribute to Mother Earth, through your painting as She protects herself from covid, with her calm and loving look toward us all. Yes, may we honour our beautiful planet by taking care, as we take care of ourselves and each other through this time.

Beth Lacey
Oct 13
Oct 13

Such a lovely poem. Yes,Mother Earth is a beauty. Thanks for raising that up to us