Angel Lasona
Posted March 16, 2019 from Philippines

I always believe in the power of this adage, "The more you give, the more you receive."

As an art enthusiast as well as an artist myself, I am quite busy doing an art piece which is intended for the Art Reach program that me and my fellow artists are planning for the women and children in the DSWD shelter. I am not a professional unlike most of them who majored Fine Arts and have that type of keeness in their masterpieces. While I am just a born artist who just have a heart and hand to put into canvass whatever I deemed fancy. 

In the shelter, we intend to donate clothes, art materials such as sketchbooks and colors as well as our very own artworks. This is aim to help children to boost their own skill and childish dreams. As for the women, I am going to be one of the resource speaker about Personality Development and Proper Grooming. This said activity will be push through this April 6 hopefully and with prayers. 

Hope everything will go smoothly as planned. And may we instill positive outcome in this program. Thank you.


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Mar 17
Mar 17

thank you Angel for doing what you enjoy doing painting. ride on with it so long as it makes you happy and depicts interest of women and humanity.

Bettina Amendi
Mar 18
Mar 18

Keep up the good work.Paint more and more.One day,one paint will touch one person who will turn around your story.ONE DAY.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Angel,
You remind me of my nephew. He is a born artist just like you and through encouragement he is perfecting this natural born talent. As long it makes you happy do not stop doing it.
Thank you for sharing with us your passion. Looking forward to many more of your stories.
Stay blessed

Hello, Angel,

God bless on your speaking engagement. Please update us here how it went.

By the way, you may want to connect with Yllang. She has an advocacy “Empowerment through Art”. Kindly check her profile. She is from the Philippines based in Quezon City. You might collaborate for future projects.

Here’s the link of her profile:

Apr 17
Apr 17

Hello Angel,
Welcome to the Pulse.
Thank you for all you do. I also believe just doing things from our hearts to make others happy is very powerful.
Hope you had a great time.

Angel Lasona
Apr 22
Apr 22

Arrey my dear, thank you for those nice words. Just found a new sis in you.