Feed Thy Hungry

Angel Lasona
Posted August 14, 2019 from Philippines
Feed Thy Hungry
...my heart is torn to see this... I'm too fortunate, and that I'm a million thanks grateful. THANK YOU!!! ❤❤❤

"If you can't feed a hundred people, just FEED one. "---Mother Teresa 

We think at times that all the world's weight are upon our shoulders....we complain, trash, and hurdle angry words at it. Wishing somebody would take part in all these dramas that we ourselves staged. 

A particular realization that hits me right in the face at this moment. Here I tell you.... 

It's way past six, sweat drencehed, carrying my 5kilograms lappy bag on my left shoulder, with two bulgy speakers inside it, the laptop,my internet modem which I always brought with me anywhere and another 5-kilo handcarry bag where I got class records, projects, and piles of one-fourth papers of my students that needs to be recorded. 

I'm grudgingly trodding along the narrow pathway on my way to my rented place in which I am thinking of these workloads that I need to finish off tonight. My stomach seems to complain too much 'coz it unshamingly gave the loudest fartlike grumbling sounds ever!  I just remembered that I forgot, or to be honest at all, am on the edge of my wallet where I need to get both ends meet,  in which a biscuit cracker would also do good as lunch already. Uhuh, hoping to trim my fatty waist sides. Ahahhh! Just trying to be funny, really!

I pulled out then my last precious crumpled 50php bill from my tattered and worn out coin purse and bought a chicken breast barbecue in the corner street where a series of stalls are already smoke-belching. It's a good damn 20php and I decided to bought too a dilis dried fish for tomorrow's viand over a steaming cup of rice. 

In the distance though,  a good ten feet away I guess(not so accurate when it comes to numbers hehe), someone on the ground caught my peripheral vision. At first I thought it was a dog lying on the ground, but no! The figure is bigger than any dog... I cautiously moved towards it then and saw that it's a man lying on his side.  The pain in my ulcered stomach is quite uncomparable with the kind of pain that I felt wringing my heart out at that moment. 

He looks just like a father to me, or perhaps a grandpa, his skeleton sides showing off on his bare upper trunk. Oh my goodness! 

I called out to him,  "Tatay! "(father) 

He answered an audible, "ha? "...and that's what hurt my heart the most! I didn't realize that soft liquid are already swelling out of my eyes. He looks so thin, frail and it seems only his own bare back and the coarse, dirty pavement on which he lay down was his only solace. I asked him the basics, where he live, his family if he has, why is he out there lying...

He wasn't responsive at all until I realized that he was actually looking at what I  have in my hand and seems to be savoring it's sweet tasty smell. Ohhhh, he's looking at my chicken barbecue hidden under a red plastic bag. My most precious chicken barbecue! I tried to swallow a saliva or two yet without any further qualms, hand it to him. 

He shyly and with a measured gesture reached for it and tersely said "salamat iday"(thank you daughter). Hallelujah!!! I felt so good and all of a sudden I felt a kind of enlightenment both physically and spiritually. Good heavens, it indeed really feels good to give than to receive! ❤

God is truly anywhere. And He is a miraculous worker. His work may touched us out separately, HIS image was all clear. Be thankful enough and be contented with whatever you might have. Because as what some lines in the poem "Desiderata" means,".... there would be no greater or lesser person than you do. "

A penny for your thoughts? Hope I've shared something real good with you dearest angels. 





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Hello, Angel,

This is heartwarming. I learned that true generosity is giving out of our sustenance rather than our surplus. You've sacrificed your meal so you can feed another person. He must be praying for food then you were his answered prayer. Thank you for sharing your story. You are really an angel.

Jill Langhus
Aug 14
Aug 14

Hi Angel,

Aw. What a sweet, and inspiring post. You're too funny, too:-) Thanks for sharing your lovely story. Did you find out why he was in the street? And, did you get some food for yourself, I hope?!

Hope you're doing well, and having a good week, dear.


Beth Lacey
Aug 15
Aug 15

You are a generous soul.

Sep 06
Sep 06

Your kindness inspires a lot my sister. Please keep it up Love and regards, anjana