Angel Lasona
Posted September 10, 2020 from Philippines
Doomed to Destruction
In the Genesis account, God reveals to Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah are to be destroyed for their grave sins (18:20). Abraham pleads for the lives of any righteous people living there, especially the lives of his nephew, Lot, and his family. God agrees to spare the cities if 10 righteous people can be found (18:23–32). Two angels are sent to Lot in Sodom but are met with a wicked mob who are then struck blind by the angelic guests (19:1–11). Finding only Lot and his family as righteous among the inhabitants, the angels warn Lot to quickly evacuate the city and to not look back. As they flee the destruction, Lot’s wife looks back upon the city and is turned into a pillar of salt (19:12–29). ---Britannica Details: Title: DOOMED ACRYLICS ON CANVAS 18X 24inches 2020 Rahnee




death, destruction, or some other terrible fate.




grim/terrible fate



rack and ruin










condemn to certain destruction or death.

The year 2020 has gotten off to a shaky start, it is evident in the series of disasters from all over the world and recently, a novel form of coronavirus is currently rampaging around the planet. Meanwhile, we are waiting in vain for a potent vaccine to be invented, humanity continues sinning and filling the unsatiated thirst of greed for fame, power, and prestige. 

Face masks, PPE suits, swab tests,alcohol, and other essentials skyrocketed price, unemployment, big conglomerates closing in, restaurants, malls shutdown, entertainment put to a halt, public masses for churches ordered to stop, everyone is advised to stay indoors. 

Some take heed, few stayed home, and most continued their deeds and even made this pandemic a merciless ,profitable way of gaining over the helpless and no-choice.

What more could be in store for us? Pandemic, disasters, holocaust, name it...The world is hurtling its brunt to us. Are we even swayed? NOT A BIT. We still do and continue doing our wicked ways. The devil is at large, it's potently doing its evil manipulations stronger than before...whispering vulgar language and clouding the minds of mankind for malicious slewedness, thus making innocent children a prey. ALL of these--- we just gladly succumbed. 

My heart is bleeding for all these. Specially for the little innocent ones. Numerous times I stayed late at night, looking outside a star-laden sky, thinking how magnificent and in proper order the constellations in the skies are, but why can't it be on earth? Many times as well I woke up to a new dawn breaking grappled with the thought of what might lies ahead once I step out of the house...fearsome for myself, fearsome for my children. No matter how I tried to shoo these premonitions, the late hour and early news are frequently synonymous in content--- killings, robbings...rape. In the past months, weeks, days, these are what being featured most on the headlines and televisions. My heart is bleeding. 


This is the story behind my painting. 

The Lord deemed to punish the place because of it's sick, pervert ways, thus trying to save ten untarnished good souls of righteous people. The big question is, considering perhaps that the Lord will give us a chance to change our sinning ways, are there even ten righteous man who will step out clean? I pray so...because if there is none, not even me, you, nor our children, who are already bringing the shadow of sins from our ancestors and from us ourselves, will not be SPARED and WE, are all going to roast in the pit amidst this waiting destruction where our souls are going to be tormented eternally. Yes dearest, I am not promoting any religion here, I am a born Roman Catholic, yes, I hear mass sometimes, read the bible few times, but I PRAY oftentimes. And I truly believe in our Almighty, and firmly hold on to the thought that it's never too late to change for the better. SALVATION FOR MANKIND,this i pray.

Thank you for reading my story.


This painting is up for sale. Canned goods and rice will be given to needy tummies in the neighborhood out from the proceeds. Offering commission portraits and paintings too. Just visit me in my real facebook account Rahnee de Leon- Candaza, which I believe ,some of my dearest sisters here are already my friends. God bless us everyone. and let's stay safe. More power World Pulse sisters!


This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Jill Langhus
Sep 11
Sep 11

Hello Lovely Angel,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks for sharing your amazing painting. I don't think we're doomed, personally. I feel quite hopeful most days. I'm not saying everything is right with the world right now or that there aren't horrible events happening everyday, but what I do believe is this transition, for lack of a better word, had to happen this year. The world was way out of balance. We collectively need to take better of all the resources we have. I hope you have something that brings you hope, and some joy, even intermittently, dear, because it will help you to appreciate what we do have, and help you to get through these times as well.


Angel Lasona
Sep 15
Sep 15

Hi dearest Jill, your thoughts are always appreciated. You always has the best nice , comforting words full of positivity. Thank you sister.

Jill Langhus
Sep 16
Sep 16

Thank you:-) Glad to hear it!

You're most welcome!

Hope you have a good week, dear.


Paulina Nayra
Sep 12
Sep 12

Dear Angel/ Rahnee,
Thanks for sharing your art here. While the painting talks about the sinfulness of mankind, the painter’s action is on the contrary. And that is a cause for hope that this too shall pass. The world has never run out of good people like you.
Happy painting!

Angel Lasona
Sep 15
Sep 15

Hi dearest Maam Paulina! Thank you for the nice words. so long till we meet again. Hugs back too po.

Sep 19
Sep 19

Thank you for sharing Sister.

Hello again, dear Angel,

I wonder if you intend this as a play of words, "So doomed" like "Sodom" of "Sodom and Gomorroh"? Or maybe it's just my mind trying to link the two. Lol.

Thank you for sharing your perspective of what's happening in our times today, dear sister. I understand where you are coming from, and that insight is valid. I truly hope that those people who bring so much injustice, violence, and wickedness into this world would use this time to reflect and change their ways.

Talking about perspective, this is what I know and I keep in my heart, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."(John 10:10). For me, anything that steals, kills, and destroys is not from God, because He came that we may have life and have it abundantly.

We cannot see the coronavirus, but we know it exists because of the symptoms. We cannot see God, too, but we know He exists because of the presence of LOVE. As long as there is love, there is hope, dear. As long as there are people like you who spread love like light, darkness of fear will flee. Whether we are doomed or not is up to us. May we all choose LOVE.

Angel Lasona
Oct 19
Oct 19

Hi dearest kaye, how witty of you to realized my word-playing. In addition, your insights are always enlightening too. Thank you dear for keeping in touch. Let's stay safe. ❤️