Letter to my Daugter

Posted November 10, 2016 from United States

It is with much regret that I inform you that we the adults who were entrusted with one job did not seethe first woman elected President of the United States (yet) and rather we collectively chose to elect a bully. Please understand that we each only have one vote and are entrusted with the sacred duty of using that one vote to choose the person we each believe will do the best job for our country. There are many people hurting in this country and the depth of those wounds were grossly underestimated by those with more knowledge and experience. There are those that have felt deeply wounded and disenfranchised from a political process that they truly believe doesn't include them and they were led to a place where rather than vote for someone with the experience and education to navigate treacherous political waters they chose to vote for a candidate that would burn the ship down to kill the rats. Please understand this does not make them bad people they used their vote in the only way they thought possible to make their voices be heard. We won't know the true cost of these decisions for many years to come. I write this letter to tell you that I raised you better than the example set by the current US President elect. I do not in any way condone his behavior towards women, Muslims, Mexicans, black people, LGBT etc. I am not angry with those who chose to support Trump and while I don't understand where they are coming from I will do my best to make my voice heard. I hope the lesson we the newly politically disenfranchised take from this is that we do have a voice and now more than ever it is so important to get involved and make our voices as loud as we can even if we believe no one is listening, because you are. So please go forward every day and know how important your education is and how important it is for you to fight for the causes that are important to you because they are likely to be important to someone else as well. And lastly be kind to those whose ideas and opinions differ from yours because one day they may just choose to burn the ship to kill the rats. I pledge to you that I will make my best effort to fight for the issues that I believe are important and hopefully help to leave the world a better place for you than I found it.

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Molly Gates
Nov 10, 2016
Nov 10, 2016

Thank you for sharing. Your compassion and understanding are admirable. Keep making your voice heard and encouraging your daughter to do the same. Together our collective voices will rise!