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About Me

When I was a child, I sat in our balcony, at evenings, following to sunset. I always felt how glimpses of sun penetrated into my eyes and reflected it’s marvelous scene. That feeling piece of inner harmony is still kept in my nature.

More I discover my personality, more I make new discoveries. So, I don’t recognize myself, I am on the way to it! Anyway, I should tell something: writing, reading, studying are my passions, even if I do it not perfectly as I am always on the way to improve various kind of skills. I have corresponded to newspapers since my university years and that experience allowed me to try myself also in radio. Now I work as a junior researcher in one of the educational complexes of the Republic of Armenia, and corresponding with mass-media. My salary is mostly spent in travelling. If I don’t manage to travel around the world, my own country is discovered for me through expeditions, especially from the point of not so famous sights. I am an active NGO-er (head of the scientific department of “Serund PYC” NGO.). After work, I always meet with my friends of my organization, and we discuss our intended projects. As the feature of learning something new is important for me, I don’t miss opportunities to participate in trainings, conferences, especially, regarding to human rights, foreign diplomacy, mass-media and relevant fields. The greatest challenge for me is time, in order not to waste it. So, I hope that you will not waste your time, reading my notes or essays in this journal. Have a nice reading!

Sincerely, author of this journal

My Vision

To be useful person for my society, to realize projects which would make world better


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