Advocate for the Rights of Rural Farmers With Me

About Your Initiative

I advocate for the rights of rural farmers, particularly women. The goal of the campaign is to create visibility of the farmer's plight by raising their voices. Our hope is to ensure that the farmers are better protected against discrimination in the market.

I believe this can be attained through educating farmers about their rights and linking them to retail outlets such as restaurants and hotels. Improvements can also be attained through encouraging farmers to form community-based groups that have better bargaining power and a stronger voice.

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

This project will train 1500 rural farmers in the areas of Buikwe and Kasawo and link them to agricultural financing opportunities and ready markets. This campaign will create a platform for the farmers to discuss and exchange ideas on how to deal with discrimination in the markets. These ideas and expereinces will be documented.

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