My Periods took forever to appear

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Posted June 1, 2016 from Uganda

I remember at age 11 one of the girls in my class had her dress stained in class and our classmates made fun of her. I was so sad that when my dad picked us up i told him what happened.

The next day he called me to the sitting room and i thought i was in some kind of trouble. But he explained to me that i was about to start my menstral periods soon and that i shouldnt be scared. He told me that it was a phase that every girl has to go through but it was nothing to be ashamed of.

He told me when it happens i have to be very careful and very very clean and not hang around boys too much because if a boy touched me , i would get pregnant.

I waited anxiously for my periods that year but nothing happened. Even the next year nothing happened. I felt bad because all my friends had started their periods and they kept referring to me as a child, this made me more angry.

I remember when i was going to Senior one at age 13 i asked my mum to buy me pads just incase i started my periods. The whole term nothing happened and i was extremely sad. When i went back home for holidays my parents wanted to know if the periods had started and i told them they hadnt started.

The long awaited day finally came two weeks into my holiday. I woke up and my panty was stained. I remember i smiled endlessly and run to my mum with so much joy. I bles for two days and was anxiously waiting for the next month.

When i went back to school, the whole term nothing happened. When my mum picked me up from school she asked me and i told her that the periods never came back. Being a mixed school alot run through her mind.

On the way home we passed by a clinic and i was asked for a urine sample and i rememeber the doctor pressing my stomach. He then explained to my mum that all was well. I obviously didnt know what was happening.

When we got home i overheard her explaining to my dad what the doctor had said.

From that time i have never had regular periods. I keep telling my friends that my periods have a mind of its own.

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