Anita Shrestha
Posted February 5, 2020 from Nepal

Boss is like coach

Boss is like mentor

Boss is like source

Boss is like course

Boss is like temple

Boss is like Church

Boss is like  luck

Boss is like unluck

Good boss make luck

Bad boss make unluck

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Jill Langhus
Feb 05
Feb 05

Hi Anita,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks for sharing your inspiring poem. It sounds like you had an experience with a bad boss?!

Hope you have a great, rest of the week, dear!


Tarke Edith
Feb 05
Feb 05

Hello Anita
How are you
Thanks for sharing dear.

Felicitas Wung
Feb 06
Feb 06

Thank you

Elizabeth Ziro
Feb 07
Feb 07

Nice one Anita

Thank you for sharing this poem with us, dear. Cheers to women bosses!