My Daughter Maitén : We call her “A Voice of the Corals” when she was nervous about going public

Posted January 30, 2020 from Costa Rica
Daughter and mother: Studying archaerlogical surveing together
This past December, we were given the opportunity to study maritime archaeology together but her passion is also corals. Mine too!
Helping the Children's Camp as a ¨maestra del mar¨ for little kids.
Helping the Children's Camp as a ¨maestra del mar¨ for little kids. : Ambassadors of the Sea also have a children's camp to teach children 3 to 12 year olds to snorkel. My daughter is becoming a teacher in it. (1/4)

At 12 years old, my daughter heard the young Ambassadors of the Sea in her school talking about the need to care for the coral reefs in the shorelines of her community in Puerto Viejo and the urgency of studying their resiliency. 

¨They are threatended by global warming, banana agro-industrial contamination and plastic garbage that reaches the ocean waters, but also by the contamination of sewage water in a town where a treatment plant is being created as of 2020, so we have to study, not only why the corales are dying, in Puerto Viejo we need to study HOW they are surviving despite such impact¨said 18 year old Esteban Gallo, Ambassador of the Sea in Costa Rica´s Southern Caribbean being trained in coral monitoring and restoriation in a program that granted him a scholarship by Youth Diving with a Purpose (YDWP) in the Florida Keys in 2019. 

The audience was a group of 23 Primary School students in an afteroon program in the Wolaba Youth House in the coastal town.  Maitemi seems to have heard it loud and clear. So much so, that her last 6th grade graduatation project not only about the state of the corlas, but also about the origins of their survival despite such contamination. 

She is still gathering data for the second question but when faced with the possibilities of going public in radio and social media by the Centro´s journalist, she hessitated out of sheer nerves.  She overcame it when I explained that she had the choice if being a ¨voice of the corals¨ who are voiceless without humans. 

She did great! We have to teach girls to trust their voice and help other vpiceless to have one too. 

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Jan 31
Jan 31

This is new to me...I hope to connect with group here in our Country who also educate not only Adult but also kids l. I like your advocacy. The voice of the coral... we really need to bring awareness about taking care of our planet earth, thank you Aniuxe. I also congratulate Maitemi :) you are doing great!!!

Jill Langhus
Jan 31
Jan 31

Hi Ana Maria,

Thanks for sharing your great post and raising awareness on the importance of protecting the beautiful coral. It's impressive that your daughter is an advocate for them:-) Thanks for sharing.

Beth Lacey
Feb 03
Feb 03

She also did great because of the advice you gave her

Anita Shrestha
Feb 03
Feb 03

Dear Sis
Thank you very much sharing for this story. Keep it continue

Hello, Aniuxe,

I love this! How wonderful that 23 Primary School students are already educated on how to take care of our corals.

You are such a great influence on your daughter, dear sister. Your passion truly sparks her interest in marine biology. I can see you are so proud of her. Great job on starting her young! We need to raise children who love nature because they will be our scientists in the future.

Please extend my congratulations to Maitemi! Please tell her she is doing a great job as the voice of the corals! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Feb 11
Feb 11

Hi Sister!
Like your daughter, many poeple are nervous when they know they have to go public but when they are encouraged they do it wonderfully. Thank you for encouraging her and stay blessed.

Tatenda Rukarwa
Feb 12
Feb 12

Hie Aniuxe,
Keep doing the work you do especially realizing the potential your daughter has, make sure you spend quality time with her and encourage her to follow her passion and she will become great.

Feb 19
Feb 19

Hello Aniuxe, it's interesting to learn about the corals and how you, your daughter and other young people are struggling to manage their survival. It's great to know your daughter was able to take your advice to become the voice of Corals.
Hope this exercise will go a long way to help in the survival of the Corals and also to make people understand need of not dumping waste into the ocean.

Marie Abanga
Feb 25
Feb 25

Dear Aniuxe,

Thank you so much for sharing your daughter and your progress with this project, which now involved her being the voice for the voiceless corals. Indeed we have to be able to use our voices and the earlier we learn, are encouraged and motivated to do so, especially for young girls, the better.
So big hurray and keep doing it all.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

HI Ana Maria,
This is truly exciting even for me. Am sure in my country we don't have corals, I need to be educated on this. However I need to find out ways of interesting the kids in learning and protecting the environment as well. Thank you for interesting your daughter at an early age. She will surely make you so proud. All the best and have a lovely day.

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