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About Me

I am a single mother with two kids left at home and two grown with their own children. I returned to college after a twenty year break, and began to find my voice. I cannot express how much my education has changed my life, and I am now dedicated to helping other women- especially returning students- to experience their own transformations.

My youngest daughter is 16, and her experiences in the US public education system have subjected her to bullying and self-doubt that I was not able to combat , so she has left that broken system. Bullying in our schools is far more rampant and destructive than our society realizes. My sensitive son will be entering middle school age soon, and I will not send him to the wolves. I am determined to help forge avenues for youth that do not fit in the assembly line that is our education system.

Even if I only help one person, my effort is validated. My kids, my education, and their educations. Oh, and chocolate.... Self-doubt, speaking out, and networking. I was raised not to speak unless spoken to. The more I learn, the more I don't know.

My Vision

Educational equity, children who grow to be change agents.