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About Me

Hi. I'm Annabel.
I moved to Mallorca (Spain) last year from England.
I am a UK Registered Dietitian and worked for the wonderful NHS for 15 years before moving here. I miss my colleagues and the one to one conversations with the people I supported. I doubt my patients realised how much they taught me, when it was me who was supposedly the educator in our relationship.
A key learning I gained was the amazing power of peer support. I specialised in kidney disease and diabetes in my final few years and, for our women with gestational diabetes, we held education sessions soon after diagnosis. Seeing the women blossom from unconfident, scared, guilt-ridden ....... to confident and strong touched me deeply.
Now, I'm self-employed and sitting at a computer most of the day, since this pandemic has forced me to turn my skills online where I'm developing a soon to be launched course/program on gestational diabetes for birth workers.
I feel this is the beginning of something exciting.

My Vision

To create a worldwide community supporting women with gestational diabetes and to tailor my program to local cultures and needs.


Knowledge of local needs, healthcare support, diet and lifestyle to enable me to tailor my offering.
Collaboration with birth workers.


Dietary advice specifically regarding diabetes and kidney disease.
English proof-reading
Translation from French (Spanish soon too!)


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