"The Perfect Bride who wasn't good enough".

Posted September 15, 2020 from Cameroon

Thud Thud, her shoes went.

She was a young and pretty girl.

Bright smile, a good heart who loved her neighbour as herself.

Good morning, she greeted as she passed along, her bright eyes shone.

Dont look at her the elderly women said, holding her son away, she is not the kind girl for you,

Too skinny, too angular no shape I say.


splash splash her shoes went.

10 years had passed  and the pretty girl had grown,

Bright smile, a good heart who loved her neighbour as herself,

Good morning she greeted as she passed along, her usual bright eyes ever shone.

Don't look her way the elderly women said, holding her son away, she is not the kind of girl for you,

Beautiful she may be but something is amiss, no breasts, no hips, too angular I say.


Click click her shoes went.

10 more years  have gone past  and the pretty girl is now full grown.

Smile ever so bright, heart ever so big and a never ending love for others.

Good morning she greeted as she passed along, her eyes shone as bright as ever.

Wao! The elderly woman exclaimed, what beauty , what grace , the perfect wife for my son.

Turn and see she said, look at her, say hello, add a smile and second one I say.


Alas mother Alas the boy muttered this beauty is not for me.

why oh why the mother asked looking at the perfect bride pass by.

Remember oh mother 20 years past she was the one you called too skinny.

Remember oh mother, 10 years past  she was the one you called angular and without breast.

Alas oh mother alas , this perfect bride  now belongs to another.

what a lose the boy wept , what a lose,

she's the perfect bride my mother called not good enough.


(Dedicated to all victims of body shaming)

                                                                     ####### End ##########


This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Nini Mappo
Sep 16
Sep 16

Nice Poem, Anne-Chantal. What I loved is how she smiled still, and did not let the shaming crush her joy. I hope we can all be like her, let the sunny side shine out of it's temporary tent that is the body, regadless of what people may say of the ''tent'.
Thank you for sharing.

Sep 16
Sep 16

Awww. Thank you Nini sis.
The poem is meant to encourage victims to shine on , despite what shamers may say or make them feel.

Sep 19
Sep 19

Wow, Anne. This piece is suspense-filled and insightful. Thank you for sharing.

We all need to make hay while the sun shines and who says we aren't beautiful just the way we are? :)

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Sep 19
Sep 19

Awww, EJ. Very true. We dont know what the future holds.

Beth Lacey
Sep 21
Sep 21

This is wonderful poem

Sep 22
Sep 22

Thanks so much Beth.

Hello, Anne,

I enjoy reading your poem. I love how you narrate the story of a girl growing up. I thought I would not be married because my body shape is not the "ideal" type.

There's truth in this poem, though. I know a lot of women who turn out to be the best wives and mothers, but there was no trace of such potential when they were younger. Thank you for writing this piece!

Sep 22
Sep 22

Very true Karen. I tried to show in the poem the blindness of those who practice body shaming. That person whose body is not good enough for you will grow. We are all like caterpillars, we all grow to be butterflies. What type of butterfly we grow into depends on the choices we make.

Catherine De Freitas

Hi Anne-Chantal, This piece is so beautiful. It captivated me from the first line and I was looking for more verses. :) I must have read it a million times :) We continue to shine. Keep writing sis. Blessings.

Oct 11
Oct 11

Awww, Thank you sis.
I sure will keep writing and never stop shining.