Cry my beloved Kumba: In memory of the massacred children of Kumba

Posted October 25, 2020 from Cameroon
The Kumba School Massacre
The Kumba School Massacre (1/1)

I have decided not to read, nor watch the videos or hear explanations on blame. All I know is that this should never happen again. The 24th of October, my birthday but this year it became the day, children became war campaign tools in my homeland, Cameroon . So I write with tears for them all. 


They were tender, they were full of years.

They were innocent, they were full of dreams.

Look, an 11 year old lies in his own blood.

Look one much younger, maybe he is the son of the Pastor.

What did he do? What did they all do? To merit such an end.

One which we won't even allow our dogs to bear.

All they did was trust. Yes, they trusted.

They trusted you so called Cameroonian government.

They trusted you, so called Ambazonia government.

They trusted your word when you said "let the children go back to school".

They trusted your word when you said "we will ensure no guns go off near schools".

So what happened to that word? Why the failure to respect it?

Now they lie, in their old blood.

No more will they play football ⚽

No more will they build toy planes ✈

No more will their parents hear their enthusiastic chatting.

You all are to blame.

You let the guns sound.

You let the machete swing.

And now they are gone.

God oh God, heal the pain of the parents.

God oh God, heal the horror of the town.

God oh God, help us bring your Shalom.

So that Never Again, will we see such a thing,

As the massacre of children so young.


A poem by Anne-Chantal Besong. 


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Oct 25
Oct 25

I read this with so much pain and agony.
The callousness, the wanton disregard of the lives of these innocent kids. The pure blood split in the quest for knowledge.
In short.... I am tired.
Let God's kingdom come. Let it COME!

Oct 25
Oct 25

My sister, I am speechless at how low we have come. It seems in Cameroon we have lost the last bit of humanity that remained . Our leaders and the leaders of the revolution have all lost some sense in a bid to be seen as right. My tummy churns in frustration and anger and sadness... Let me go sleep at least it will help me not think of this. I don't even want to think of the pain of the parents else I am sure I will be an emotional wreak.

Hello, Anne,

I have heard about it, and it crushed me for days. UNBELIEVABLE. I can't imagine how people can be this HEARTLESS! I have no words, dear. Let me weep with you. This is too much.

Oct 26
Oct 26

My dear Karen,
How can I thank you for your comforting words. Since this crisis started in Cameroon, the weak, the old, women, pregnant women, children and even babies are being killed. I can not even start thinking of how one can kill a child not to talk of a baby, a pregnant woman. I keep asking myself, what kind of country do we want to build. An old one with deep scars that will never be united ? or a new one with blood and in which children will go about killing those who killed their mothers, their fathers, their brothers and sisters?
I am sad and I am now angry , very angry at all our leaders and even those leading the revolution.

Nini Mappo
Oct 27
Oct 27

Hello Anne-Chantal,
Such a heavy, heavy account of little lights snuffed out too early while doing the right thin:/
I can't imagine how inconsolable their families are. I wish I could make it all better, but all I can do is pray for the lunacy to end and a peace beyond understanding to settle upon the warring parties.
Hugs of shalom to you sis.

Oct 27
Oct 27

Dearest Nini,
You have used the right word, lunacy. I can't imagine it is my country. We used to call it a safe haven. Now killing babies and even those still in the womb is a common thing. Its horrendous. :-(