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About Me

To quote a t-shirt I want to buy...I'm about 'feminism, coffee and social justice." To be honest I didn't even realize how important these things were to me until the 2016 Presidential election and then my family move to the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I've been lucky to not only realize what is important to me, but also find a way to apply it. When I met Jensine (founder of World Pulse) in the fall of 2017, I never could have imagined the fantastic opportunity she and World Pulse would become for me. I am now able to apply my 15+ years of online technology development to a product, a platform, a community where there is real value. The value of raising women up and supporting them raise their communities. It's a huge honor.

My Vision

I share the thinking of Humanism, which is the belief in the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasizing common human needs, and seeking solely rational ways of solving human problems. People are more amazing than we ever give them credit for and if we tell them that...what is possible is unlimited.


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