Women's day!

anisha pokharel
Posted March 8, 2012 from Nepal

Marking International Women's Day itself is a point where discrimination is done..Why we need to be specified as women rather than callin human?According to Simone de Beauvoir-" One isn't born woman but becomes woman" Women are never minority to be reserved as there are as many women as men on earth. it is assumed that women are the weaker sex, what is the ground of this assumptions?What criteria of strength are used? The problem is not men, they were never a problem but a sub-ordinate.we are born with this malady of the spirit inherited from our orthodox norms and values.We confine ourselves within the Plato's cave of shadows. We ourselves have wrapped our wings.. Ur mother is the one who is strict about menstruation period.. Ur mother-in-law wants dowry..Women are the enemies of women so, some wicked men take advantage and exploit us but we(women) are behind every drama. And in order to have a prosperous society, All members must be productive, both sexes! So, Women widen ur mentality, Go beyond the boundaries.. March ahead!!!

International Women's Day 2012

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Rojina awale
Mar 09, 2012
Mar 09, 2012


Ya my question is always that why we need to have only a day as women day.Is that mean rest of 364 days are for man ? We women are being undermined by a single day for women. dowry, inequality should be abolished from root. and man and women should have the feelings that they both are in same level.