Flights of Passage

Posted September 6, 2020 from Nigeria

There’s something about us 

You and I 

We are flights of passage 

The being here

The not so being here

The times when  we thought

Time was limitless 

All the times when we stood Indestructible  

The mellow times in between 

And the times when we gazed forlornly on our yearnings 


The seasons that brings with it

Some good times and some not good times

Some soul searchings

And other things in between 

I want to remind you today Sister!

Time is not limitless 

It calls for accountability 

It tends to X-ray you


It asks that you take it 

One at a time

But it reminds you to sometimes make haste

Sometimes, it helps you ascertain life’s frailty.

And recognizes it’s perfect imperfections.

It quickens you to action

It asks you to leave an imprint

Your footprints on the sands of time


It asks you to make memories 

It exacts from you the spirit of excellence 

It asks you to spread your essence like perfume

Share your life and be indomitable 

And allow others feel your presence 

Most times it looks at the path you’ve chosen and  asks

Have you really lived?

Sometimes it asks that you take the road less traveled 


Are you living?

Or are you just existing

Sister oh Sister

Tell me!

Are you still waiting for permission


 Are you still making excuses 

Are you still waiting for validations

Whilst you bear restless dreams within you

You know Sister, I see you

I see you! I see the dreams in you waiting to be birthed 

Yet you wait

How long Oh Sister

Will you wait

How long oh Sister, before you spread your wings and fly

How beautiful will it be to see you take off.


I see the power you possess 

But you walk around powerless 

You allow their visions of you, their dreams of you and their judgement of you cage you and hold you down

I know you have the power to explode in glory 

And challenge your world , impact it and triumph

But I’m afraid, you’re still gigglish and coquettish 

You keep casting glances behind your backs

Whilst you allow their definitions of you stand in the marketplace 

Your remembrance of the titles given you

Encloses you in darkness and sometimes you shudder

Often times you regurgitate the bitterness of its feelings deep from your belly

And it seems to stop you in your tracks

You hear their voices of mockery even in the silence of your reveries

And can’t seem to rise above  the memories of it 


You take flight at the mention of the powers within you

You say Oh! don’t mention it

You hide in the corners of darkness 

And cover your light with illusions of your shadows 

Whilst the world hunger to experience the beauty that is in you

I wish that you can move to the light Whilst there’s still time

And become unstoppable 

I see you in the light

But I hear you hesitate

They laced you with the claws of traditions and paused you in time

I see the acceptance of it all

And how your head bows in defeat

I hear your pangs of yearnings to be free

I listen to the groans of birth pains exploding within you

Life is war!


I hear the echoes of other Sisters!

Waiting for you to emerge

Oh I hear them whisper and sigh!

Sister! have you given birth yet?

Have you brought change to your world, our world they ask

Have you made an impact yet

Why do you still wait

Whats the price of your gifting

Remember, some were given much time 

Some came briefly 

Some stayed for sometime 

But it still ends

Time is still asking, where are you


Why are you still bound by fallacies 

Why are you still bound by traditions 

Why are you still silent 

Why are you still living in fear

When you can live liberated

For we are birds of Passage woven through times 

Created in all purity, courage and strength 

Crafted in power 

Sealed with beauty 

Sister! Move to the light!

Remove the shackles and be free

Time might be limited but you’re not!

You're limitless

Remove the chains of fear from your feet

And be set free


For when a woman agrees

Even her CHI will be awakened

Remove the chains of fear from your soul Sister!

Extinguish the darkness

And be set free

For you’re made for more 

Remove the gulley from your path!

Uproot the lies that bind and limit you

And soar

Put  on the cloak of courage 

And take up your mantle of power

You're made for more


Dont let time stop you

Nor the chains on your ankle and mind

Nobody can stop you except you

For we all

Are flights of passage

Elements of time

Fascinated by nature

Intrigued by our reflections

And yet unstoppable

With our footprints

Printed Indelibly

On the sands of time 






This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Nini Mappo
Sep 06, 2020
Sep 06, 2020

Hello Anuli,
Great to read from you again.
I love your poem that cuts so deeply into life, our experiences and what we make of them. I especially resonated with the reminder to be good stewards of time, because with time we create, build, change lives, change the world. And taking time for granted is taking the power within it for granted too, failing to recognise what it might accomplish.

Thank you for sharing. I hope that you are safe and sparkly where you are in the world:)

Sep 07, 2020
Sep 07, 2020

Hello Sister Nini,

Thank You I appreciate. I appreciate that it spoke to you dear Sister and yes I am safe and sparkly. I’m sending you love at this moment knowing that you’re occupying your rightful place in the world and using your platform for every good work.

Thanks Sis

Kind Regards

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Sep 08, 2020
Sep 08, 2020

Hello, Anuli,

What an empowering and emphatic poem! Thank you for writing this, dear, and for sharing this with us. There's a lot of truth about what you said, how as women we can be trapped with other's opinions on what to do and not to do that it immobilizes us to pursue what we are meant to achieve. We indeed have that power inside us, and once we know how to tap it, we're unstoppable. Please keep writing!

Sep 08, 2020
Sep 08, 2020

Hello Karen,

I often wonder at a world where women representation will be at least 70%. A world of equal opportunities. A world where the girl child is nurtured allowed to come into her own, allowed education as much as the boy child. That will be a day of joy for me. I won’t stop writing and using my voice. Thank you for the encouragement Karen, I really do appreciate

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Sep 08, 2020
Sep 08, 2020

That is a beautiful and valid vision, dear. It shall come to pass. We will work together so girls will be heard, too. You're welcome, dear sister. Yes, please continue writing. Your pen is your power!

Sep 08, 2020
Sep 08, 2020

Amen! Thank You once again

Beth Lacey
Sep 09, 2020
Sep 09, 2020

A very insightful, thought-provoking poem

Sep 09, 2020
Sep 09, 2020

Thank you Beth, I’m glad it spoke to you

Sep 18, 2020
Sep 18, 2020

What an inspring and instructive poem on time. I love the fact that you teach so many important lessons, not to be limited by anybody else, to leave our footprints, to live but not exist, to harness our internal power and not to allow people or circumstances to immobilize us. Most importantly not to take time for granted.

Your are a powerful, much needed and much appreciated voice. Thank you very much for sharing. More power to you.

Sep 19, 2020
Sep 19, 2020

Dear Kabahenda,

Thank You for your kind words. I appreciate.

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