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COVID-19 hit communities learn about recommendations and guidelines to prevent spread.

Posted June 8, 2020 from India

Advocacy - With Avani’s successful advocacy with the local and state government, migrant and day laborer families are receiving dramatically reduced subsidized rice and wheat from the Food Corporation of India. 

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Jill Langhus
Jun 08, 2020
Jun 08, 2020

Hi Anuradha,

This is amazing, too. How many families are benefiting from this? Thanks for sharing.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jun 10, 2020
Jun 10, 2020

Hello, Anuradhacip,

Wow! Another one! Thank you for making this world a better place. Keep up the great work!

Jun 12, 2020
Jun 12, 2020

Thank you for sharing .
Please stay safe .
We love you so much.