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About Me

I am a lawyer by training, photographer and budding writer, presently living in the Western part of Nigeria. I am passionate about the arts and how it can be used to influence active social change. I write mostly short stories and share life experiences on my blog. I have written several articles and used social media platforms to tell my story. I am passionate about gender-based violence; the right of a woman to be treated like a living, breathing and intelligent human and not a punching bag or just a pretty face; human and equal rights and inclusive education for everyone.

I believe in the collective effort of every individual in effecting the change we want to see.

My Vision

To be an active voice for change wherever I find myself, always adding value to the people I meet and the society at large.


I have writing, editing, and proofreading skills; and a bit of knowledge in making creatives for social media. Message me if I can help.


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