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About Me

I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, and I came to the United States to pursue my doctoral degree in Medical Anthropology. In Spain, I was a Nurse and also a Historian. I love and treasure my two countries, Spain and the United States, and my two cities Madrid and Madison. I try to bring the best of both worlds and when it works, it's a blessing!

I am an Associate Faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I teach Women's Health and Human Rights for the Department of Gender and Women's Studies. I also teach at the School of Medicine and Public Health. The combination of Anthropology, Nursing, and History has made me very aware of human rights, and my many trips around the world have shown me the need for women's reproductive health and human rights specifically for women and girls.

I am involved in research and in many projects on women's health and human rights. Some of these projects include: Global sex trafficking, the rights of street sex workers, female genital cutting, the prevention of uterine cancer and early detection of breast cancer for Latino women in my community. Travel. Listen to women's stories. Write about women's lives I need days of 48 hours... and it would not be enough Women's health and women's human rights

My Vision

A gender egalitarian world that will benefit both men and women