I Am Rich Because I Have Amazing Sisters

Aramide Oikelome
Posted July 29, 2018 from Nigeria

I come from one of the major tribes in Nigeria- Yoruba-land. And in my tribe there is a popular parlance that says, “Eniyan L’aso Ti Mo Fi Nbora”, meaning “My Friends are my Covering Clothes”.

Time and again I have found this to be true. As I recall my journey through this life-changing community called World Pulse, I cannot but bless the day I signed up and connected with my incredible sisters across the globe. The reason is simple! My life has changed for the better; my work has grown in leaps and bounds, my vision has broadened and brightened up and much more, we have impacted many more lives in very practical, positive and promising ways.

Gradually, my vision to heal hurts and restore hope to vulnerable women and girls is finding beautiful expression. In spite of the pressures and challenges, the world around me is becoming a better place. And what more, with the support and network opportunities, we are conquering more territories in our bid to see women take the world by storms. Yes! Our network has become indomitable. And as sister-to-sister, we have become rich in love, knowledge, exposure, experience, network, support and impact. Indeed we have become invincible!

I am one of the new entrants into World Pulse family but when I look at the bond we share as sisters, it is as though we have known one another forever.

It all began in September 2015.  I was on a sponsored trip to New York for a Journalism Conference organized by The Global Media Project. While at lunch, I got talking with Chi Leina and her husband. Since she was based in America, I needed her to connect me with organizations that could help my NGO because things were really tough financially. Her answer to me was “Nobody is going to come give you money to do whatever you want to do but I can recommend an organization to you that can give you the necessary training and encouragement to actualize your dream.”

She wrote out the website and asked me to check and sign up. I was somewhat disappointed at her answer and so I didn’t bother to check the website. I felt it was better to continue struggling the way I used to do.

But in March 2016, Chi Leina, who then was the Worldpulse Africa Lead called to say that she was coming to Nigeria for a meeting and wanted me to help with preparations since I was on ground in Lagos. Planning events is one of the things I enjoy doing, so it was no problem helping with the logistics of inviting people, making transportation arrangements, booking for drinks and snacks, getting women together to be digitally empowered and doing other stuffs.

In April the event held with Chi Leina and Smeeta as facilitators. We also had some Worldpulse leaders from across Nigeria, such as Busayo, Olanike, Carolyn, Vweta, Celine converge in Lagos for the event. Our Board member, Olutosin was out of the country then so she couldn’t join us.

First, we had training at INTEL, followed by an advocacy visit to some all-girls schools to introduce Worldpulse. The climax was the town-hall meeting of Lagos women for digital empowerment, with about 85 women in attendance.

It was at this weeklong event that my interest was stirred as I heard Leina, Smeeta, Busayo, Olanike and others share amazing stories of how Worldpulse has impacted their lives and works. So, after that program, I made the one click that turned my life around. I signed up and became a member of the online community of incredible women doing incredible things. I started reading stories of women making waves, making impact, touching so many other lives and driving change.

Today, I dare say that Worldpulse is not just a place for you to tell your story, you may have stories of pain, rejection and disappointment. You are welcome to share them. Here you will find strong shoulders to lean on for succor and strength.  

Worldpulse is also a space for you if you have a vision to make impact. If you are not complacent with whatever you have achieved for yourself; if you want to touch another person’s life and make it better; if you want to change the statusquo and make a difference; then Worldpulse is the place to be. Here you will meet a lot of women that are doing the seeming impossible and they will support you to do same.

One thing I also discovered is that Worldpulse is a Leveler. It doesn’t matter how high or low you are, how educated or illiterate you are, how strong or weak you are, here you will enjoy abundant love and fellowship. Here there is a strong bond of sisterhood. You are not alone in whatever you are going through, there is somebody here sharing the same experience with you and encouraging you to believe in yourself and even do greater exploits.

So I connected in April 2016 and I started writing. Not long after I registered for Digital Training 101 and I was one of those that were nominated for the course. We were asked to write some stories and it was so inspiring to read the comments of members from across the world. The show of love and support was huge. I was indeed overwhelmed. About the same time I was featured on the on the leadership page for June 2016.

The responses and comments that followed were quite uplifting and encouraged. This stirred me to write more and within a short time I had made so many friends from different parts of the world. With such love and endorsement from great Worldpulse women, I felt strong and powerful.

In 2017 I applied for the Advanced Digital Changemaking training and luckily l was one of the 30 women selected for the course. That was a 3-months intensive training that gave me so much incredible exposure and avenue for networking.

If you are looking for an avenue to develop yourself, please come on board Worldpulse and register. And beyond that, be active in the community.

With the ADC training, I was able to harness my vision and collaborate with fellow sisters to do great works. I was also blessed with great network opportunities.  

On this same platform, I met a wonderful Sister, Bimbo Adegbite of Apinke Girls Initiative who offered to partner with our organization- Bestspring Foundation and for a Mentorship program for our Girls Arise Initiative members. We discussed the logistics and before long, her team sponsored the purchase of handsets for 30 girls. The enrolment was done and the mentorship program soon started. Today, our girls have mentors at home and abroad that guide and support them. They are now focused and determined to succeed.

Through Worldpulse, we received vital information on how to cater for some of our physically challenged children at the orphanage.

Through Worldpulse, our work has gained more visibility and endorsement. We have also been nominated for both local and international awards.

Today, I dare say that Worldpulse is everywoman’s Facebook. If you want to add value to your life, this is the place to be. Here, you will connect with the right set of people that will help fan the embers of greatness that is in you; people that will inspire you and help you achieve greatness. And they will stand with you to see that your  dreams come true. It’s not in every case you will get money; it’s not in every case you will get opportunities to travel out. If you get that’s fine. But even if you don’t get these, you life and work will still be greatly impacted.

As I look forward to a better, brighter and more fulfilling future in our bid to drive gender equality and change, I am proud to say that my Worldpulse sisters across the world are invaluable assets; they are the driving force that makes me thick; they are the real Powerhouses.

Here at Worldpulse; we have a great wealth of women!





This story was submitted in response to #WealthofWomen.

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Tarke Edith
Jul 29, 2018
Jul 29, 2018

Hi Aremide
Thank you for acknowledging the fact that worhdpulde is a place to be l also cherish this noble group . thank you for sharing this touching story

florence kekong
Jul 29, 2018
Jul 29, 2018

My dear sister, Aramide. Nice connecting here with you too. More love.

Tamarack Verrall
Jul 29, 2018
Jul 29, 2018

Dear Aramide,

You have written such a brilliant story on what we have together here within our beloved WorldPulse. I am so glad too, to know about your own journey stepping more and more deeply into this global home we have together online. It is so true that the site itself has built into it so many ways that we can explore and realize our own ideas, and always with such loving and wise encouragement from others. At times I struggle to describe the vastness of what we have here together. You have given me such great examples to build on. I think of you often and am so glad we have met here.

Much love,

Damilola Fasoranti
Jul 30, 2018
Jul 30, 2018

It's always great to read about the connection that everyone experiences when they get in here. It is exciting to see that you, ma'am Aramide has been touched with a glimpse of that already.

You are welcome again and please keep up your great work.

Jill Langhus
Jul 30, 2018
Jul 30, 2018

Hi Aramide,

What a great story and description of how you see WP and how it has impacted your life:-) Good job! You have perfectly encapsulated the importance and impact that WP has had on not only yourself, but others.

Good luck with your submission.

Hope you have a great day!

Stephanie Mah
Jul 30, 2018
Jul 30, 2018

Hi sister Aremide,
It is really true that wouldPulse is wealth of woman, it gives solutions to problems it is good for us. Am happy to belong to the sisterhood, love Leeds.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jul 31, 2018
Jul 31, 2018

Hello, Arimide,

I prefer World Pulse over Facebook. The stories I read here inspires me.

I hope I can access different trainings that would open doors of opportunities for me, too.

Thank you for sharing your journey, sister! I am proud of you. :)

obioma nwachukwu
Aug 24, 2018
Aug 24, 2018

Hi Aramide
Thanks for sharing these experiences of a wonderful family of WorldPulse. I'm new in this family yet I'm happy and relieved because I have been able to share a long life I'll treatment I couldn't relate elsewhere, and the comments I received were soothing and they gladdened my heart. Truly I'm happy to be here.
I wish I can get opportunities for trainings like you that will enable me to enhance my project of caring for those set of downtrodden women in my community. Thanks for sharing.

obioma nwachukwu
Aug 24, 2018
Aug 24, 2018

Hi Aramide
Thanks for sharing these experiences of a wonderful family of WorldPulse. I'm new in this family yet I'm happy and relieved because I have been able to share a long life bad treatment I couldn't relate elsewhere yet very burdensome, and the comments I received were soothing and they gladdened my heart and gave me much relief. Truly I'm happy to be here.
I wish I can get opportunities for trainings like you that will enable me to enhance my project of caring for some set of downtrodden women in my community. Thanks for sharing.


Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Mar 27, 2019
Mar 27, 2019

Hi my dear sister,
Thank you for such a lovely article. Indeed worldpulse is every womans facebook. Am glad you found a true bond of sisters here.
Have a lovely day