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Empower women through government schemes with me

What I'm Leading

I am impacting all women of Maharashtra by empowering them with greater access to the social welfare programs of the government  schemes. I am also empowering them by lobbying with the government to identify and bridge the gap at the budget allocation and increase the number of women beneficiaries by 50% at the economic empowerment schemes of social welfare department by December 2020.

Who I'm Impacting

50% more than the current number of women by 2020


About Me

Archana is a community leader who strives for new opportunities for herself and her community. She believes in empowering young women by providing them with information that will help them make key life decisions. Archana started out working on child rights issues and comes from a background where she had to be tough and take care of her family. She eventually started her own organization to focus on community leadership.
Archana currently works to secure scholarships for girls. Through her advocacy, her organization has been able to increase their number of scholarships for girls in the last year. They developed a 45-day curricula for women and girls that includes training on human and women’s rights, social issues, laws, communication, and public speaking. She would like to increase women’s participation in government so that they can break out of the currently limited roles.

My Vision

I am a commitment to women living with dignity and respect.