Last Call

Posted July 25, 2017 from Costa Rica

The sun felt slightly warmer than usual, the wind dry against her skin. All those green meadows she’d ran through had turned yellow, and every trace of the rivers she had once bathed on were reduced to sad, dry patches on the ground.

As she stood over that mountain, just at the edge of dusk, only one thought—more of a question—crept into the back of her mind: was this really how it all would end?

I bet we’ve all heard something about how our planet is slowly changing. And none of us can really fool ourselves, because deep down we do know Earth is dying. Come on, you don’t actually believe all those videos of glaciers melting, forests burning, and industrial massive expands are based on a bunch of Hollywood effects, now, do you?

Do you think the Amazon rain forest is vanishing out magically? Countries all over the world are suffering from this. Mexico's deserts, Egypt, the Sudan... All those who are found near the equator are exposed to the heavy waves of heat. The poles are disappearing, fading away like dust.

It’s more than disappointing to see what has gotten us to this point. Before, you could say we still had a chance to go back, reverse our actions to avoid the fatalities we’re now facing, but everyone thought it was a joke until they actually woke up one morning, sweating on their beds, and wondered why that summer was so hot compared to the others.

How many speeches or articles before someone took their time to put that plastic bottle where it belonged or told the waiter it was best not to use a straw?

People took this as a joke.

“Oh, how sad! A turtle choking on a six-pack plastic,” they said, opening their beer can and taking a long, refreshing sip.

Is it honestly that hard to realize this isn’t our planet? What will happen the day you wake up, walk lazily to your sink, try to wash your teeth, and then notice that there’s only a light string of water coming out of it? You will call the water company, ask them if anything’s wrong with your payment, only to hear that it’s happening all around the world.

We were not here from the start; we were offered a chance to be.

It’s not that hard to separate your trash, to look for places that can process electronic wastes so that you don’t throw it in your everyday bin. It’s not that hard to pick up that plastic wrapper you walked by on the street. It’s not that hard to turn the light off when you leave the room so that you don’t waste unnecessary energy. It’s not that hard to close the water tab when you’re washing your teeth or rubbing soap on your body in the shower.

Little things do help. If we don’t make an effort now, what will happen in the next few years? Take a moment to look at the news from these past weeks. There’s a whole article on Buzzfeed on how people in Phoenix and Texas this summer were literally astonished by how hot it was. Mail boxes and trashcans would melt, and some of them even took their time to prove you can actually bake cookies on your car.

Global warming isn’t a hoax. It wasn’t invented by the Chinese. And it’s most certainly not going away if we don’t do something to change our horrible habits now.

I get it. One usually wonders what they can do if they’re just a person, but ask yourself this: how do you win a chess game? I’ll tell you the answer: you win it by moving one piece at a time.

Be the first move, build your strategy little by little, and make the difference. Go and present recycling projects at your office, try to go big and persuade your community to apply green programs throughout it, and I guarantee you will see that soon enough, much more people will be joining those projects and will share the same thoughts.

Don’t wait until you wake up that morning and see the world crumbling down. This might be Earth’s last call.

Are you willing to sit down and watch it fade away, or will you do something to change this?

This story was submitted in response to Earth Emergency.

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Jill Langhus
Jul 26, 2017
Jul 26, 2017

Hi Arianna. Welcome to World Pulse and for your passionate story submission:-) I agree it would be great if everyone would suddenly become responsible, and my fervent wish is that they do, but I really think it comes down to what parents, communities, corporations, organizations, the media, etc. collectively teach everyone. I think more women rising up will help the planet, too, but I think ultimately it will be a joint, collective collaboration with the majority of people that will turn the tide, and when we will see huge, positive global environmental change.

Jul 26, 2017
Jul 26, 2017

Dear Arianna,

Its time to think seriously for saving our mother earth. Even our individual little effort like minimizing water use, reducing electric consumption, recycling and using renewable energy, waste management will help. As you say, lets move little by little and work...



Jul 26, 2017
Jul 26, 2017

Dear Arianna,

Welcome to World Pulse!  It's great your first post here is one around global warming and our personal responsibilities around THE issue of our time.  I just read (or really skimmed) a book called "Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming."  In this book they ranked the solutions that will make the biggest impact in reversing global warming.  Interestingly, they included the education of girls and women in the top 5 solutions.  I strongly believe in this, and I hope we are all a part of that movement, and World Pulse will surely be a place where we keep that momentum (and the encouragement of that momentum) moving forward.  I look forward to reading more from you and learning about the efforts you are a part of in Costa Rica.

Jul 27, 2017
Jul 27, 2017

Welcome to World Pulse Ariana :)  Let's stand to take care of our Earth because we all live here on this planet.  Your suggestion is of great help.  Thank you for sharing :)

Jul 28, 2017
Jul 28, 2017

Hello Ariana,

Your passion for saving Mother Earth is inspiring. You are so right about all the small things each one of us can do to make a difference in our world. Every one of us can do something and everyone of us should.

Global warming is happening, there's no doubt about it. I am so embarrassed and ashamed that the president of my country withdrew from the Paris Accords despite the pleas of scientists, educators, and citizens. Even though this happened, states and cities are stepping up to fight climate change at a grassroots level.

We need reminders like your post to do our parts, even if we think whatever we do is very small. Millions of small steps add up to massive changes. Thank you for your post!