Break Sickle Cell Anemia Stigma With Me

About Your Initiative

Join me in the fight to demystify, to stop the stigma and discrimination, and to break the taboo and silence around Sickle Cell Anemia which makes many, especially women, to suffer in silence. Generally, there's a lot of mystery surrounding people living with sickle cell. A lot of families are ashamed of their sickle cell kids, worst if they are girls because they are seen as Taboo. This makes many to suffer in silence, deal daily with stigma, discrimination and it is worst if you are a woman because it is already difficult being a woman not to talk of being born with a health condition many attribute to witchcraft. So, there's an urgent need to help those affected by doing all we can to break the silence through educational activities, and advocacy campaigns. That's why we need to #BeASickleCellVoice to break the stigma and misconceptions around it. 

I go about this by organizing workshops, online colour awareness campaigns which I have been doing for three years now. I wear red and black through out the month of June which are Sickle Cell colours. I take daily photos of me and post on Facebook especially to draw focus on what it means to live with sickle cell and how to assist or prevent others from being born with it by encouraging people to get to know their genotypes and make informed decisions.

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

People living with Sickle Cell, especially women and the community at large.

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