Posted April 13, 2016 from Cameroon
Some of the Key words of My DAC

No to Stigma and Discrimination: Be A Sickle Cell Voice

After almost eight weeks of intense training to be a change maker, I have reached the stage where I can show how this training has impacted my life and pushed me on to fulfill my dreams. One tool toward the fulfillment of this dream is the Digital Action Campaign spearheaded by WorldPulse. With these DAC guidelines, I will be able to plan and identify the following crucial elements to the success of my campaign. These are listed below:

The main GOAL of my Digital Action Campaign (DAC).

It is well known that overcoming strongly held beliefs, especially in situations such as health and other birth defects, is an uphill task. The goal of my DAC will be to set the ball rolling towards overturning such beliefs. My campaign, as I have emphasized throughout my training, will give me the platform to get more people involved in my fight to demystify, educate, change mindsets and help stop the stigma and discrimination towards people born and living with Sickle Cell Anemia.

The audience for my DAC.

A successful campaign cannot be carried out without a target population. In this case, it will be difficult to pinpoint my exact target audience since the condition is a universal one. However, starting small within my community, I will be targeting Sickle Cell patients, their caregivers (who are mostly women), medical personnel, empathizers and the general public at large.

Some ACTIONS I would want my audience to take.

To be sure that I successfully impact others with this campaign, I will ask my audience to take a few actions to join me #BeASickleCellVoice. This will be accomplished by encouraging them to speak out, and make use of the internet and information technologies to better educate themselves about sickle cell disease and management. For those who are not internet savvy, I will put into good use the Digital Empowerment toolkit provided by WorldPulse to help them understand how being digitally empowered can go a long way towards helping me with my goal. As such, I will ask them to join me on Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #BeASickleCellVoice.

Also, if possible, in the course of the campaign, participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences about living with sickle cell and how it has shaped their outlook about life.

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Maya Muñoz-Tobón
Apr 18, 2016
Apr 18, 2016

Dear Arrey-Echi,

Your proposal is so clear and detailed. I really appreciate how you are integrating all the elements that the training has brought you and how you will incorporate them to empower others, such as using the Digital Empowerment Trainer's Toolkit. It is great to see that you have thought of these different audiences and how to reach them. I can see how sickle cell patients can share their own stories of who they are and how they define their own identities, through writing, video, radio or photography so the larger audience can connect and understand their experiences. Last thought, will you be creating a Facebook group or any other particular forum for these conversations to happen? Great hashtag, that way everybody can keep track of conversations and campaign

I look forward to watching this campaign taking shape and how you achieve your goal of creating a cultural shift about this issue.



Apr 19, 2016
Apr 19, 2016

Dear Maya, Thank you very much for stopping by and for the very encouraging comment.  I am glad you were able to pick out the details of the plan. As per your questions, shared stories will be published with permission on my blog and one my facebook page. I will go further to start a twitter account and videos will be published on YouTube and shared to various audiences. With the hashtag, many I hope will join me on social media make noise about the need to be vocal about SCD. I alsolook forward to using the knowledge aquired at WP to make an impactful change. Thank you once more.