Asaad Ali
Posted May 14, 2019 from Sudan
Harmfull traditional practice
Im taken a stand agnist gender based violence in Sudan.

Hello every one ...

About this question , the answer is very simpoly .

Just men and boy first of all respect women.

And give them space to live their life by get their aim and desires and never kill their dreams .

Equality for women very important to support them .

Wisdomly to respect women and support them, because they have stronger inherent to build healthy communties and be full effective participation.


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May 14
May 14

Its boys that become men, charity they say begins at home. Thanks for sharing

Asaad Ali
May 14
May 14

So at home the mission regard to his mother , teach him since childhood stage , will growup respectfull women.
You are welcome
Thanks you too

Jill Langhus
May 15
May 15

Amen. Thanks for sharing, Asaad.