Why men love bitches

Asaad Ali
Posted December 19, 2019 from Sudan

I used to read the book "Why men love bitches ...." on the relationship of a man and a woman, and why a man loves the capable character, who we see when she is strong ... And at the same time, why is the nice kind girl who takes into account everyone who takes on her head ....?! The book is about the relationship between time and man, but let us take a certain point and see it in our human dealings in general ... The idea of ​​giving, that you remain in a state of depression that is ahead of you more than his right, to some extent he shows his right, and when you get tired in the text and give him "repent" his right or even more A simple need, but less than what you are used to, you will remain in default! The writer started his speech with an example of one she made one for the first time at the time: The cute girl: I cooked every need that can be done and sparkled to impress her. The dazzling dazzles and the costume is full and thanked her ... the time after that instead of what she intends to do, just talk to her and ask her for the items he wants to eat her this time! On the other hand, the capable girl: she made a little popcorn and roared two bags of chips on two juice boxes and ran a movie watching it ... simplified and the life is beautiful, she came on her second time she decided her righteousness ... then how many months did she decide again, she made a pasta and made a little chicken and thank you. The man was very impressed that she had tired herself and cooked for him in particular, and began to feel that she had made a mythical effort, precisely because he had risked it, and he felt that she was certain to have a distinctive amount of it. The question: If we had a scale from 1 to 10, why did the 10 nice girls who gave it in the first wouldn't have had the same effect as the 3 girls that were able to do before? For 3 needs:  The one at the beginning of his relationship with people because he is overly accustomed to them and cares about them with exaggerated interest, in the fact that Payne is desperate, the desire to increase the satisfaction of others by discovering that the meridian is trying to cover up a certain defect in it, conveying a message that it is sufficient and that it is necessary to make an effort to admire. "Being too eager to please is a sign of overcompensating." (The exaggerated desire to please others is a sign of excessive compensation for personal flaws) People (and men in particular) do not recognize the need for Gat Lihu to be easy, or do not get tired of it ... On the contrary, with time, they see it as an acquired right and feel anger when they are deprived of it. The author says that the cute girl presented her highest abilities in the first, she answered the last in the giving ... it remained natural and expected from her at all times, even on the day she presented the normal, she will be Pain that she is short ... she advises the girls that they seem the relationship of the highest degree because She will click on their head, God willing ... because this is the second girl when she graduated in the giving, that the difference and who gave her a sense that he made an effort to "preach her friend" as they say ... "The only difference is the amount of time and effort he had to invest, first. He didn't get it all right up front so he appreciated it more." (The same behavior, but the difference is the time and effort that the man invested first.  is a lot of it" ... People generally treat each other as the rabbit with the battery of the energizer batteries ... would we prefer enlightening for a long time? Will they answer us later? The length of what you are for the person who is in front of you is safety. You cannot do without it. "If you let him know from day one that you are willing to bend over backward, he'd want to see just how far you'd be willing to bend! It is human nature!" (If the person who dealt with him knew that you would flip in order to satisfy him, the first act of him is that he shows you the last year, it is the human nature). The common factor in Dell's needs is that one needs to "respect himself", respect, love and appreciate ... Respect yourself that you do without the relationships that hurt them, no matter how important they are ... Respect them that you know the true amount of yourself because what goes away will appreciate you for as long as you do what you value yourself ... respect them that you are not the party that always burns itself ... respect them that you know the tender will be Durable and with whom and how ... Respect her that you believe she deserves to love without any fees offered! "If you want to be respected, place a high value of yourself." (If people want to respect you, make yourself a high value.) Transported Sara Abdelrhman

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Dec 20, 2019
Dec 20, 2019

Dear Asaad,
Thanks for this transported story from "Sara".Oh mine!
It so wierd sometimes but I think it's based on individual reactions. Not everybody will go this way, others will go the opposite.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you are having a good day.

Jill Langhus
Dec 20, 2019
Dec 20, 2019

Hi Asaad,

How are you? I think I'm missing quite a bit of the context, unfortunately, with this post. I'm still balking at why you're reading a book where women are referred to as "bitches:-(" What is "Gat Lihu," and what makes a "nice girl?" Hmmm. This books sounds problematic to me. Well, at least I agree with and can understand your final point of respecting and valuing yourself:-)

Hope you're doing well and having a good day and week!

Anita Shrestha
Dec 20, 2019
Dec 20, 2019

Thank you

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Dec 20, 2019
Dec 20, 2019

Hello, Asaad,

Do I get it right when what the book is trying to say is women need to be high-value and doesn’t live like a doormat to her man? It means she need to be able to raise her standards high so she wins his respect?

If so, we shouldn’t be called bitches. Please elaborate more.