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Funnding supporting prevention from breast cancer follow technology

Asaad Ali
Posted May 24, 2019 from Sudan
Expired on June 29, 2019
Proposal timeline&cost
This our proposal until our software program see the light and be touchable for every women around the world to be safety from breast cancer by early detection discrease cost 80% and fast accurative result .

Who intersting to support women healthy in prevention from breadt cancer.
International organizations, govornments and all catogaries of other people.
Kashif Organization: -an introduction: (Breast Cancer), registered within the Sudan National Organization on 4 December 2018.Our vision for the early detection of breast cancer through the useof technology, and disseminate information related to breast cancer to facilitate early detection of needy groups.By applying the program (detector), which is a computer programanalyzes the tissue of the breast cancer through the images of the organogram in color automatically.It won second place in the competition for the third season projects, a licensed program from the Khartoum Hospital for Oncology (maize) and a local and international patent.The organization's goals:1 / Establish free centers for early detection.2 / Develop all programs related to breast cancer and early detection. Proposal will be as background for the post .

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Direct me for funding links or donation directly here :
Swift code bank khartoum of sudan
Kashif organization for breast cancer .

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