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Earlier Step Project T.O.T

Asaad Ali
Posted August 3, 2020 from Sudan
Expired on December 30, 2020
Earlier step Project
Training of trainer women's medical field in prevention from breast cancer.

Kashif Breast Cancer Organization
An early step project
Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women in the world, and it is considered as the second causes of death after lung cancer.
In Sudan, the spread of the disease has increased recently, according to statistics published by the Khartoum Radiotherapy Center, where breast cancer represents 16.5% compared to other types of cancer.
According to studies to raise awareness of the danger of the disease and early detection methods to help limit the spread of the disease and control some risk factors.
We are in Kashif Breast Cancer Organization and based on social responsibility, we will participate in sensitization and training targeting medical service providers and women’s societies in Sudan along with educational exhibitions on what the disease is and the risk factors related to it besides scientific research.
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The proposal as link attaching within post.

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Jill Langhus
Aug 05, 2020
Aug 05, 2020

Hi Asaad,

How are you? Thanks for sharing your update and proposal. Do you have an English version?

Asaad Ali
Aug 05, 2020
Aug 05, 2020

Hi Jill ,
Im good thank you ...
Hope you are fine!!
Was it by Arabic!! Yes ofcourse i have .
I checked it , it's by English
Will edit it right now

Jill Langhus
Aug 07, 2020
Aug 07, 2020

Hi there,

Great to hear. Yes, I'm doing well, thanks.

Okay, thanks.