How Can a Woman Survive in a Tech Industry?

April Talens
Posted March 6, 2021

I am thrilled about the upcoming International Women's Day! 

This day is essential for us, especially for those who are working with the tech workforce. We share the anxieties about the shortfall of ladies in the technology sector, particularly in software development. 


Today, we'd like to promote International Women's Day by discussing its importance and raising appreciation for female developers in the business, along with women who are eager to become developers. 


In the tech enterprise, primarily in software development, women are limited. A mere Google search result shows that ladies make up 17 percent of technical workers. On Facebook, ladies make up only 15 percent. 


According to a survey, the reasons behind the gender gap are

shortage of mentors 

shortage of female role models in the field 

gender preference in the workplace

inequitable growth opportunities compared to men 

biased pay for the same skills

Even so, don't let these barriers frighten you. When things are lacking is indeed where growth opportunities are! Here are a few tips that I got, you can check and have as your guide.


Mentorship: If you thirst for learning software development, there are many independent online sources that you can usee for free. These are Codecademy, Envato Tuts+, W3Schools, vogella and Stack Overflow.


Talk to Role models that you know: 

There have always been astounding ladies doing incredible things in technology, which is so true until today. Creating a LinkedIn profile and reaching out to other female programmers is another beautiful way to connect with the community. 

Start a conversation, whether for career advice or only curiosity about an individual's career path. You'll be surprised by the kindness of other people and their eagerness to help.

Negotiate for Equal:

Train yourself on negotiation skills. Use tools such as PayScale to know your competitive and corresponding salary. Have a clear grasp of your value as a business asset in mind before you enter discussions, and then stand firm on that value.


I highly encourage you to learn development. Join tech events be determined at networking and know your worth. Always be commited to achieve committed to gender equality. 


Many women don’t realise it yet that the career in coding or software development is highly achievable. All you actually need is show and maintain your passion on how you do these stuff and fully embrace it. Lastly, find a software development company. There are a lot out there but here's a quick guide on how you can sort it all out and choose what could be best for you:


If you are enthusiastic about befitting a female software developer, I'd be happy to help feel free to reach out!

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Mar 06
Mar 06

Dear April,
You are absolutely what the women of the world need right now. A woman that supports women. I admire your field, enthusiasm and skill. Your advice is motivational and very encouraging. I want to welcome you to the World Pulse family. Your post has power, and it will empower. In more ways than you intend.
You have motivated me today because I have some software I need to learn immediately. Thank you for that.

Tamarack Verrall
Mar 06
Mar 06

Dear April,
This is a wonderful offer, and such important advice that t must remain a priority of all of us who know the power of being online, that we make this accessible to all women and girls. your offer to help teach is so valuable and generous. May all you do, flourish!

Deepti Menon
Mar 07
Mar 07

Dear April, this is such a well researched and useful post for all women who want to get into a career in the technology sector! Kudos!

Nini Mappo
Mar 07
Mar 07

Dear April,
Welcome to World Pulse, and thank you for extending your skills and expertise in software to mentor other women to excel in this male dominated field. It 'dark web' for many, and many women may have never considered the usefulness of having some coding skills. I wonder if it's possible to get a mentorship program off the ground with interested women of World Pulse or groups of grassroots women connected to some of the community change makers here. Your post makes so much feel possible, and I am pleased to meet you in your vision and enthusiasm.
I look forward to see how this mentoring desire matures!
Good on you, and welcome aboard!

Hi April, welcome to World Pulse and congratulations on your first rocking post! Your offer and practical tools, and advice is going to empower and find partners in so many women on here, so many strong women on here that are involved in great STEM initiatives! I love that you wrote this in reference to negotiation: "know your worth." Yes!! This I think can be a mantra for us all! Thank you for naming it. You came to the right place April, and I look forward to learning more about you.

Hugs from Montreal,

Kiran Fatima Zaidi
Mar 07
Mar 07

That's very encouraging! Thank you for sharing !

Thelma obani 2020
Mar 08
Mar 08

Welcome to world pulse dear.
You are loved always.
Your words are true.
Thanks for sharing

Mar 08
Mar 08

Thank you for sharing and really appreciate your great work to encouraging women working in software development. Women can also be great developers.
Please keep the great work on! It’s important to inspire more female developers.
May Almighty God bless you!

Aparna Sanjay
Mar 09
Mar 09

So good to see the generosity on sharing your time, talent and resources. Another resource is I know they were previously running training programs for girls who wanted to be developers, but not sure whether that is still happening.

Lisa Baker
Mar 27
Mar 27

This is inspirational. I totally agree, mentorship and a can do attitude can definitely help. I’d add that resilience is important too. Advocating for yourself by education yourself as you suggest. I wish these words and this community existed much earlier on in my career where I’ve often stood alone . Bravo to you!

MariaJ Vargas
Apr 01
Apr 01

Hi April, thanks for sharing and giving so many tips. I agree with you Women+Tech is a great power source. I work in the Tech industry as HR and throughout the years I ve seen some advancement but as you said we need more role models, more mentors that can be a shining light for so many generations to come.