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About Me

When I became a mother I found myself on a spiritual journey of discovery and questioning. It was here when I learned about Asherah and her relationship to God and the Bible. I highly recommend researching her for yourself. There is a sense of empowerment when we ask questions and find answers. I can understand why she was portrayed as a tree symbol--nature, life, birth, creation, strength, foundation, open, health, beauty, nurturing, and of course...The Tree of Knowledge. It is through her name that I write. Knowing that her voice was silenced years ago, this is my attempt to give her a voice. In doing so, I've found that she is she has every right to be. But she is also gentle, compassionate, loving, caring, and always a seeker of knowledge and truth.

My Vision

My vision is to embolden and enlighten women as to the political injustices that are occurring around the world.


Reading is my muse. Share with me your favorite books, authors, songs, and quotes. I find these inspirations take me on literary journeys!


I love concepts of sustainability and biomimicry. My motto is "So many books, so little time." I am a mother, teacher and volunteer.


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