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About Me

Hi all!

I'm a journalist and editor currently working at the Center for News and Design in Austin, Texas. I also work as a youth representative to the United Nations for a nonprofit called Altrusa International.

I have studied and worked in Costa Rica, Slovakia, Nicaragua, Virginia and Texas.

My interests include

forced migration and refugee issues
education and empowerment
writing for change
immigrants' rights
promoting ethnic identity
genocide prevention
culture and language exchange

I also have a blog about travel called Travel Bugg.

Thanks for stopping by!



My Vision

That Romani people will be empowered, receive rights and fight discrimination

That refugees, immigrants and asylum-seekers will experience healing and be celebrated in their new countries

That misrepresented women and groups will find their voices through writing, blogging, art and media.

That women and minorities will be represented in science, tech and government

That women and men will come together, look past semantics and work for change.

That people will express themselves and not be afraid because of their gender, orientation, religion, lack of religion, race or ethnicity.

That everyone will be able to travel and experience different cultures and opportunities


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