Posted January 31, 2021 from Nigeria


Padagirl is a project to support menstrual hygiene management, globally. It provides a platform for donors, globally to donate menstrual hygiene kits or funds to support global menstrual hygiene management.


His a project aim at supporting menstrual hygiene amongst poor and vulnerable girls in Nigeria schools and disabilities in the communities.

#Padgirl initiative is a project borne out of the need to empower young girls and women who are going through various form of stigmatization, abuse and health challenges as a result their natural month cycle which is a natural biological process. For most poor, vulnerable and disability girls in Nigeria, as signs of menstruation gets close, it serves as a constant reminder of the oncoming abuse and stigmatization they are about to face. What should be a proud period in their lives, turn out to be their most dreadful period. For most of these girls, menstruation is a dream-killed because they never get to attend schools during menstruation. While for others who cannot afford a good menstrual pad, they rely on old rags and leaves as alternatives. Some are sexually abused in their quest to look for money to buy menstrual pads.

Target Population And Location

To pilot the programme about, about 5000 poor girls in Nigeria communities, primary, and secondary schools, including those with disabilities are to be reached annually across Kaduna and Kogi State, Nigeria 

The long- term plan is to replicate the same project in other Nigeria States through support and partnership with cooperate and government bodies.


Menstruation is a natural biological process.

Menstruation is not a taboo.

Let us work together to keep the dreams of out women and girls, alive. 

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Jill Langhus
Feb 01
Feb 01

Hi Asquareshuaibu,

Welcome to World Pulse. Thanks for sharing your great initiative. There are a lot of similar initiatives on here, but it's great to see that you're working on such a prevalent challenge. Do you have a website and/or social media page(s), to like/follow?

Looking forward to hearing more about your progress, work, and testimonials.

Feb 02
Feb 02

Welcome to World Pulse Asquareshuaibu :) Your story is your power.

Thank you for trusting this platform with your initiative. I cannot believe that this is a social issue since menstruation is a natural process for women. But if this is the context in Nigeria about how they see "menstruation" then an organization like you, need to bring awareness.

When is your timeline for this pilot programme?

Have a great day.

Hello, Asquareshuaibu,

Welcome to World Pulse! I'm happy that a new voice from Nigeria is rising up.

It's great to read posts from men that care about women, girls, and menstruation. We need more initiatives like this to break the taboo. I hope you connect with our sisters who are in the same initiative like Jill mentioned. You could probably get insights and inspiration from their menstrual health campaigns, too. Looking forward to reading your updates!

Marie Abanga
Feb 07
Feb 07


Your project is a laudable one and am excited to read some more on the impact you create with the information and other resources you have.
Indeed; Menstraution is a natural biological process and not a taboo, so let's keep talking and doing something about all injustices girls and women suffer as a result of their monthly flows.

Feb 11
Feb 11

What an amazing project you're launching. Such a horror that these girls must endure simply because of natural biological processes. For everything you do, thank you. For these girls, dreams are important and my prayer is that they never lose their dreams and have a chance to live up to their full potential.

Feb 19
Feb 19

Hi Asquareshuaibu,
Wow! Thank you for such a great project to support womanhood. Keep the flame burning as we'd love to read more from you. I heartily congratulate you on your first post too. Very powerful. "...Menstruation is a natural biological process. Menstruation is not a taboo." 'Great that you are raising your voice. Keep writing, shining and please, share your web link if available. This is certainly the place to be...the sisterhood of World Pulse. Welcome and well-done, Bro!

Best wishes,
E. J.