Melt your heart

Atim Oliver Mercy
Posted June 15, 2021 from Uganda

Title: Melt Your Heart

Have you ever cought cold in your heart, cold burning your soul?  Have you ever seen something and felt like your intestines are cut? Have you ever found yourself crying loud, tears rolling down in bubbles?  Have you ever? I'm just asking to see if it me alone, This feeling tears every piece of flesh from my borns.

I ask myself why some have to pass through hell before getting to heaven, Is there no direct highway to heaven,where God sit in His thrown? Are they paying the debts of their forefathers, or sins of their parents?  I don't know what to think, God please answer me, Why do some children suffer under your watch, are you asleep?

They are chased away like stray dogs scavenging in the bins, They have no place to call home, no roof above them, In open streets, they shelter under leaves away from rain, They have nothing to eat, they beg for food all to vain, They curse their lives, their cries loud sounding in echoes.

They know no one, they found themselves abandoned in the streets, They wish to have someone to call family, Lord you are father of fatherless, Many collect them like recycled materials, keep them in their homes, Receive funds and donations in their name, what a selfish society! Fulfill your promise to the God, touch their hearts and rejuvenate their dreams.

OMA's Ink Pen Oliver Mercy Atim  

The Poetess ✍️ The Hand of God

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Beth Lacey
Jun 17
Jun 17

Bless you for writing about this. We should all pray for these children.

Atim Oliver Mercy
Jun 17
Jun 17

Hello Beth!
We should pray for one another including orphans (homeless children)
God is always in control. I thought I would not leave longer after the death of my father. But friends where always there by my side. Be blessed dear.