The future came yesterday

Atim Oliver Mercy
Posted June 15, 2021 from Uganda

Theme: The Future Came Yesterday.

Yesterday is a cancelled cheque, Today is the cash, Tomorrow is a promisory note, Cheque born cash and was determined to get the note, I have a driver, pilot and captain who never sleep on the wheel.

I was planted in a hand-to-mouth family, Hands could even steal from the owners pockets, That life threatened even the air getting into our nose, You open your eyes, but not sure of what will hit your eyes, That was yesterday that shone light in my paths to greatness.

The house we lived mocked us, swinging her waist on us, Her voice was rough,I wish I could make her stop the noise it made, But I promised her, that her ugly looking ribs would be sealed and painted,  I was going to work tirelessly,change the image of my home, Now, everyone is amazed of how God work miracles.

Listen to this voice, let yesterday not define you, You were not born in a palace, make sure you live in palace, They'll laugh till they fall on the ground, run more than a horse in a race, Let your efforts, determination and commitment define you, Pray to God to give you life, He'll never abandon you.

OMA's Ink Pen Oliver Mercy Atim The Poetess ✍️

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Beth Lacey
Jun 30
Jun 30

Yes, our efforts are what should define us.