Living in the dark

Atim Oliver Mercy
Posted June 17, 2021 from Uganda


At the open field of the desert, One is at lost on how a caravan travels for miles on a dry land With no estuary around to have a figure drop, Yet humans survive with little or no macabre.

I'm estimating this to the medieval which no one Stabs the other of anything hijacking or for rituals.

A stunning ovation within my broken eyes cannot see the Impact it has proven on our modern day's vehicle.

Tell me that I'm wrong if reincarnation has ensued than to feel it's lingering presence, Our modern-day vehicles have been tagged "a what a shock"  Beaten and robbed even five metres away from your house.

An unfathomable incident which occurs to be an accident But robbers celebrates their gangsters after a successful Mission on an MP's car

The light of travelling and the life of sitting in a vehicle is now a threat to us in daylight...

I heard Africa is the black land of a compulsive The black sense in terms of amalgamation and deduction of certain sexual omens

But why has she opened herself for homosexuals to bang into her coffers?

I am walking on a narrow road to meet the crossroads of curiosity But corruption has welcomed my Camera eyes and woofer ears with deceit.

They said they are warming in aggression only to be instructed by African leaders and...

Justice and injustice are seen intertwining to rule the continent, The dominant injustice craves the indulgence of a "Justice must be proven"

Even when they are watching children been kidnapped and yet, Keep praising justice without actions.

What a world!

And after all the pains and depression Africans face, You would gauge the same sufferers hyping the leaders with the The highest rank of 10K on "Social Suffering Medium" And not social media...

What a world we live in!

Well, my mouth is watered and my hands are tied But whose fault is it or who ignited the darkness of life our leaders are living?

My fault, And yet I sit here to advocate for development? Your fault or our so-called leaders?

Humorously they stand with an arm up and crave Africa is developing...laughs... Time and actions shall then tell

What a world we have!


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Susu Mohamed
Jun 18
Jun 18

Sister Atim,
OOh sister, bad thing is going most African country's we must protect our family and our society before week what happened my town was ::::2 June this month. 10-year daughter after separation of her mother and father Asha was raised by her mother. it was 12: afternoon when she comes back to the school Asha disappeared on May 30 when she lost around two days Asha mother said something smells bad in my house and informed her big daughter to clean the house and check. Bad smells thing they founded Asha Killed and raped sealed in a large saucepan put us under a bed. Now the somali Police are doing investigation to that case.

Atim Oliver Mercy
Jun 19
Jun 19

Oh my Lord! For real God have mercy on us.