Atim Oliver Mercy
Posted June 17, 2021 from Uganda


We are slaves of our wishes We are slaves of who we want  To become and what we want  To become! 

Slaves of our ignorance  Slaves of our inadequacy  Slaves of our inabilities and  Slaves of our incapabilities!

I believe we are not developing  From slavery to Freedom! But  We are developing from  Slavery to slavery!

Bowing down to slave masters  Of our eyes! 

Bowing down to slave masters  Of our ears! 

Bowing down to slave masters  Of our stomachs! 

And bowing down to slave masters  Of our desires! 

It is as if, we have always been  Slaves! As if slave life, is what we  Are used to! As if slavery is our  First point of our operations!  As if there are slaves, who  Have got their own slaves!  As if the slaves of slaves  Have their own slaves  And the list goes  On and on and  On!

When will we become exactly how We were created to be? 

Since now, we have become  Prisoners of reliance syndrome!

Our own celebrities becoming  Slave-role models! Even Sometimes selling their Souls to the devils!


Will we all sell our souls to  The the devils? And when  Will we become Free? 

Freedom when we are dead? How  About freedom when are alive? 

What is Freedom? Freedom  From what? 


How do you explain doing what  You don’t want to do? For the  Sake of not having any other  Option? But, just to do it! 


Are we all being organized in a box Of matches, only to be used to  Spark out a fire? 

And if anyone jumps out of that  Same box, that someone will burn  Out with the same fire! 

Slaves. Who is enslaving us?  And why are we being enslaved?

Kunta Kinte! Who is enslaving us?  And why are we being enslaved?

Is it true that? Provided we have  Needs, we will forever be slaves? 


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Jun 21
Jun 21

Hello sister
I sense lots of trueness and shouting out for change in your writing. In some way or another, even against our own will, we are sometimes caught up in slavery...I'm glad though that it's only temporarily. Thank you for sharing!