Duncan Treasure Atukwatse
Posted November 9, 2021 from Uganda
You are Royal, Beautiful Enough
Ugly is an insecurity that eats up a woman's conscience like a cancer This has caused many girls to seek for external approval thus neglecting self worth and value to cheap candy to them that devour them to fulfill their pleasure. This poem should awaken your conscience to the reality that you are the "Miss Your World Winner"

A poem (sonet) About loving the self, loving who God has made us to be, always appreciating the self.

Many crown themselves judges of their beauty and cast themselves in the hell of the unworthy of approval for beauty. This is a sole reason for demotivation, hatrade and, frustration of destinies.

Peculiar, not pejoratively saying Tapestrated by his own diligence Revelationary knit and woven by his fabric A marvel so wonderful He beholds

Datum of heavens perfect beauty Not the world's pixelated pageantry Yours lies in the mind of the creator Of both words, language and worlds

Copyrighted to his likeness alone Not in Peach and petulancy of petunia But the real shade of his glorious nature That radiates always from your countenance Than a green forest meadow bathed in light. 

Exo prejudices a work of vanity Even from within your porch So awaken to the sheen my Queen And preen to the beauty within my King

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Tamarack Verrall
Nov 11
Nov 11

Hello Duncan,
Welcome to World Pulse. I appreciate the determination you express in your personal introduction that you are committed to a world with no violence toward women and girls. I agree with you here that true beauty is like " a green forest meadow bathed in light". we are working together to stop the pressure on women to focus on false beauty, when we all have beauty inside us, if only we can find and trust it.

Thank you so much for the welcome
And indeed, I am committed to seeing a gender violence free world, where women don't do and go extreme dirty edges for approval from men.
I have seen my female friend make very negative decisions that have costed them their future just to be approved by men. This is sad

Nov 12
Nov 12

Welcome to World Pulse Duncan. Your story is your power!

What makes you inspire of writing this poem? The truth is that beauty is within not seeking beauty outward.

Thank you so much Maeann. For the welcome
During my stay at University (Kyambogo University - Kampala,,Uganda), I have encountered various female friends who have made very bad decisions just to be approved of men.
They have compared themselves to one another and deduced that they are not beautiful enough and therefore if any man (driven by His lust) compliments them about their beauty, they give in to sharing their body with them. Some of which discontinued from the institution because they carried pregnancies which their luster complimentary ain't taking care of.
Their only regret is they wish they new their inner beauty, their inner worth, their Great Price before.

Nov 14
Nov 14

Thanks Duncan... You have a compassionate observation.