My country Lebanon would have been a feminist country with true democracy. 

Posted February 15, 2019 from Switzerland

 Love cannot happen without women welfare. 

I thought about it today and yesterday when I saw the shops in my country Lebanon hijacking red color for mass-market of valentine's day, but at my country woman do not have basic human rights. IF in Lebanon women have rights:

-For safe and legal abortion.

-For transmitting nationality to her children and husband.

-To do civil marriage inside of Lebanon.

-To sue legally gender based violence, whether physical or non-physical, whether coming from own relatives or else. 

-To sue legally sexual harassment.

-The right for equal inheritance, at some sects woman in Lebanon does not have this equal right.

-Right for custody of her children in case she decides to divorce.

-Right to follow her mother's lineage instead of the father's lineage on official documents if she decides to.

I and many women would have felt safe, empowered, included, respected in their dignity, powerful, happy,

there would be less women raped, harassed, shamed, used, killed, denied equal inheritance, denied right for custody.

When laws at my country are outdated why to keep them, when they are against universal human rights?!

My country Lebanon would have been a feminist country with true democracy. 

A World Free of Violence
This story was submitted in response to A World Free of Violence.

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Jill Langhus
Feb 16
Feb 16

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your passionate words and country's plight. Good luck with your story submission.

Hope you're having a good day!?

Dawn Arteaga
Feb 19
Feb 19

Hi Aurora, Thank you for sharing this vision of what true democracy looks like with full human rights for all people. I am with you!


Hello Dawn Arteaga,
Thank you! Yes exactly with full human rights!

Sis. Salifu
Mar 29
Mar 29

Thanks for sharing, you have my prayers. Sad to hear such news.

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