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About Me

''International against death, against the globalization of war and weaponry.
Against dictatorship, against authoritarianism, against repression.
Against economic liberalization policies, against hunger, against poverty, against theft, corruption.
Against patriarchy, xenophobia, discrimination, racism, crime, against environmental destruction, against militarism.
Against stupidity, against lies, against ignorance.
Against slavery, against intolerance, against injustice, against marginalization, against forgetting.
Against neoliberalism.
Whereas we and us are:
By international hope for new peace, justice and dignity.
For the new policy, for democracy, for political freedoms.
For justice, for life and decent work.'__subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

__ Literature , Art , Philosophy , Photography , Anti-Colonialism , Feminism , Secularism , Photo Journalism , Photography , Contemporary Art …

My Vision

Change The world


To feel that my concerns for equal rights for women and girls are listened and supported.


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