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About Me

I come from a community called Etsako in South South Nigeria. My family is a polygamous one and polygamy is quite prevalent in my area. A major concern I have is female genital mutilation. Mothers emotionally blackmail their daughters into submitting to the practice with veiled threats. I believe that if these girls get empowered with the necessary skills and tools for financial freedom to be independent enough and within a few years, the practice will die a natural death, if many are bold enough through economic empowerment to shun it. I am a novelist and currently working on my second book. I am privileged to speak the three major languages in Nigeria, asides the English Language. I am a 40 year old single mother, and together with my daughter, we reside in the outskirts of Lagos Nigeria.

My Vision

To empower fellow women and girls through a pet program that will encourage women from dissident homes to acquire skills


I need educational and skills acquisition materials,expertise and finances so as to hit the ground running with this pet project in 2017.


Motivational and public speaking. Writing and ability to mobilise groups through one on one contact and also using social media platforms


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