The Filipina Spirit: Nominating Filipina Encourager, Mae Ann for the World Pulse Spirit Award

Lia Ocampo
Posted January 4, 2022 from United States

I am nominating Mae Ann for the World Pulse Spirit Award. 

Her accomplishments include:

- Sustaining and administering the World Pulse Philippines Facebook page and group with 268 members.

- Initiating a campaign drive for the needy in Leyte, Philippines.

- Encouraging women, especially Filipino women, to share their stories and encourage them to participate and believe in themselves that they have a story to tell.

Mae Ann says, “Encouraging doesn’t need to be intellectual, all-knowing, but you can encourage through listening by letting the person know that you feel, hear, see and understand them. So don’t stop encouraging. We need it now, especially in this time of unprecedented era.”

Mae Anne is a Filipina encourager. She embodies the World Pulse Spirit and deserves to be recognized. I am proud of her initiatives, I believe in her encouraging power and spirit, and I support her.

We need more Filipinas like Mae Ann, who is making a difference in the Philippines, in the world.


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Adriana Leigh G.
Jan 05
Jan 05

Aw Lia an enthusiastic yes to this nomination!! Thank you for seeing Mae Ann, who embodies care in action, and peacefully is a powerhouse, and steadfast in her commitment. Hugs from Montreal, Adriana

Jan 06
Jan 06

Thank you Ms. Lia, am proud to be Filipina :). Salamat sa pag nominate even if you are busy with your work. Thank you for being part of the initiatives of World Pulse PH. Your encouragement inspires me.