COVID Debriefs and Dignity Kits on CWE-TECH Back to School Program

Eunice Owino
Posted January 12, 2021 from Kenya

Our organization Centre for Women Empowerment in Technology (CWE-TECH) received DIGNITY KITS donations from UNFPA and successful presented: CWE-TECH COVID Debriefs and dignity kits to pupils of Kiboi Primary School in Murang'a county Kenya.

After the debriefs, we gave the boys and girls an opportunity to ask their questions by writing them down as anonymous. 85% of the questions bordered sexuality', reproductive health, identity crisis name it! e.g

I feel my mum hates me!

What can I do to stop masturbating?

I receive very high painful menstruation period!

I get angry very fast!

I feel no one loves me thus I keep to my self a lot!

These prompted us to a breakup sessions for boys only and girls only... It was powerful

Let's NEVER burry our heads in the sand. Let's be there for our children! Let's arise and form a better generation!


Thank you UNFPA

Thank you RODDENBERRY Foundation

+1 Global Fund

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Hello, Eunice,

Congratulations on receiving Dignity Kits donation from UNFPA! Is that pink menstrual pad from SafePads? It looks like one. Kudos to you for coming up an activity to "listen" to these girls and boys by letting them ask question anonymously. As a shy girl, this would be a better option for me than to be asked to stand up to ask questions. It's a great idea! I love how vulnerable the questions are and their identities are hidden. I can imagine that those break out sessions are powerful indeed. Great job to you and your organization!

Thank you for this wonderful update.

Eunice Owino
Jan 12
Jan 12

Thanks Karen for your feedback. The pink are reusable sanitary pads that were included in Dignity Kit, probably they came from Safe Pads coz I know the items were sourced from different places/dealers